What is Devil’s Workshop?

Concept of the DayWhat is Devil's Workshop?


In childhood, you might have heard of the adage “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. It simply means that when the mind is empty and does nothing, then evil starts its work in the mind. Evil is usually negative thoughts that come to our mind when we are sitting lazily and idle. All types of evil ideas come to one’s mind when a person is sitting simply just doing nothing. A person turns out to be thinking wickedly because he has nothing to do in his life and thus, it is said that the mind has been occupied by a devil who is conducting its evil activities in the mind to think in a negative manner.

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So, how do you overcome the devil’s workshop to stop its activities? Well, it is simple – you have to keep your mind occupied and engaged with fruitful activities that will focus only on the goodness and service attitude in life. For example, a woman was quite active till she attained the age of retirement from her job. She was so active that she would walk every day for an hour, do all the household work and also complete her office work on a timely basis.

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However, when she got retired, her problems of the mind started appearing. She lost interest in her daily routine activities and thus, she stopped doing household chores and even taking part in physical activities like walking, buying groceries and vegetables, etc. Eventually, her mind manifested many physical illnesses, thus making her eat a lot of sugar items and develop diabetes issues. She would also keep complaining about her family members to others even if they didn’t do any harm to them.

This is because the devil had taken its residence in her mind wherein her thoughts turned out to be extremely negative and harsh towards others. She would criticize herself and others in each and everything, thus making her and others’ lives a living hell. When she was encouraged to at least do the basic chores of living, she would keep complaining that she has become too old to even pick up a glass of water for herself from the kitchen.

Slowly, the evil activities in her mind made her turn against all her family members, making them lose their jobs and also marriages. She would spread rumors about her son to her daughter-in-law and she would criticize her daughter-in-law to her husband and son, thus creating major differences in their lives. She would also spread negativity about her household to others whom she met in the neighborhood because her mind was full of self-destruction.

Eventually, the immediate family members had to take their religious practices seriously and take the woman to a temple to make her understand that her wicked mind was causing trouble to one and all. She was made to follow certain poojas and also given spiritual books to read and keep her mind engaged. Over a period of time, when she read the inspiring books, she understood her wrongdoings and came out of the devil’s workshop that had taken its residence in her mind and life.

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