What are Silent Thoughts?

Concept of the DayWhat are Silent Thoughts?


Silent thoughts are when a person is not judging, criticizing, or commenting and there are really no desires or attachments or thoughts to feel attracted to external worldly things. Silent thoughts mean a person has a silent mind, has a peaceful outlook, and feels grace and ease with himself or herself. Silent thoughts or a silent mind makes a person enjoy life’s different phases without much disturbance and noise in the mind. 

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When a person has a quiet or silent mind, he has a lot of positive perspective and clarity that helps him to not speak or think rubbish. He is not speaking to himself and neither is he willing to put his thoughts into words because there is no stress or tension. A silent mind cannot be stressed and thus, is always in a state of peace. Silent thoughts release both mental stress and physical pain protecting the energy and health of the person and also helping him to act bravely and calmly without having any fear or worries.

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A silent mind or silent thoughts can help stimulate brain growth and also remove tensions. It can help a person to have a higher sense of happiness and help them to feel more relaxed overall. When a person has silent thoughts and a silent mind, his sleep quality improves, thus helping him to have a good vision and mission in life.

When the mind or thoughts are silent, a person doesn’t stop thinking or suppress his thoughts. But silent thoughts mean his mind is full and not empty, thus making you realize that a silent mind is better than a mind full of thoughts either positive or negative. Let us learn the importance of silent thoughts with the help of the example of Radha.

Radha was a young woman who got employed in a publishing company at the age of 28. When she suggested ideas to her immediate boss, they were all taken into consideration and even implemented. However, when a new boss came into the picture, her ideas were unheard. Radha soon started feeling that she is being neglected and her productive ideas to make the company grow are not getting noticed. Radha’s mind became full of disturbance because she was attracting more negative situations and toxic people in her life.

Thus, Radha started withdrawing herself from team discussions and was contemplating putting her papers. She was soon intervened by a team leader who knew her potential of Radha. She was asked to work on another project single-handedly and this made Radha feel motivated at work again. She soon realized that her low self-esteem of wanting attention and always getting appreciation was what made her feel neglected at work earlier. So, she stopped attracting such thoughts and started meditating at work during her break time. Radha’s mind became silent wherein she focused on her work with a single vision.

Whenever her new boss gave her challenges, Radha didn’t feel disturbed. Instead, her silent mind made her believe in her potential no matter what and keep working on her goals without being affected by external situations.

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