What are Negative Suggestions?

Concept of the DayWhat are Negative Suggestions?


Negative suggestions are when a person or group of people come to you and tell you that you cannot do this or that thing, you will never succeed in your life, it is of no use what you are doing, or you are just too old now to do anything meaningful, among others. Negative suggestions or negative reviews or feedback can really kill a person or thing or even a company. Negative suggestions are quite common and easier to give these days than finding any positive points or suggestions.

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For example, when Riya started a cafe, she offered unique coffee and hand-made sweets and biscuits that were not easier to find anywhere in her town. Yet, the people whom she knew didn’t really encourage her and instead wrote several negative suggestions as they visited her cafe for the sample run. This hurt Riya so much that she shut down her cafe and never tried to do anything new in her life. She took up a mediocre job and made a living, thus ending her dreams of owning her cafe in the town.

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Negative suggestions are sometimes silent killers. For example, when Manohar was just five years old and was dancing to any random music, his parents really loved his skills. But when his parents’ common friend visited their home and taunted how Manohar was not dancing but actually making fun of the art form, Manohar took it to his heart and thus, decided to never dance in his life. Manohar’s parents were shocked when they saw him not enjoying the art form anymore just because of their friend’s negative suggestions.

Negative suggestions, thus, shouldn’t be given without any good knowledge and skills. One needs to be careful while writing a negative suggestion or sharing it with anyone because it can hurt the other party and even stop their livelihood. Negative suggestions should be constructive wherein the suggestion must mention the skill that needs to be removed rather than involving any sarcasm or destructive criticism,

If one is facing negative suggestions in their life quite often, do not lose hope. You can simply ignore the naysayers and design your life based on your gut feelings and positivity. You can improve the skills that you are working on by learning them at your own pace rather than listening or reading to the negative suggestions that come your way in any form.

For example, when Preeta decided to write articles for a website without any knowledge or background in writing, her friends were quite doubtful about her career choice. They kept saying all negative things about how the writing career is taken up by only housewives or people who have nothing much to do in their lives. But Preeta didn’t quit and instead continued with her passion for writing and overcame the negative suggestions through her focus and determination towards writing. Preeta improved her writing speed and ability by enrolling in online courses that imparted her to be creative and more meaningful in her usage of words.

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