Infosys and Google Cloud form an alliance to provide AI-powered experiences

BusinessInfosys and Google Cloud form an alliance to provide AI-powered experiences


The second largest IT company in India Infosys has announced that it is associating with Google Cloud in an alliance to assist enterprises in developing AI-powered experiences. For this alliance, Infosys Topaz offerings and Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions will be leveraged.

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Infosys will be able to design the latest global Generative AI Labs to come up with industry-specific AI solutions and platforms. This will help the companies to integrate generative AI into their business processes, said the company in a statement.

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Infosys will also be training 20,000 practitioners on Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions that involve Vertex AI and Duet AI in Google Workspace. This is to make sure that companies have the required resources in order to develop, execute, and deal with any type of generative AI project, said the release.

Salil Parekh, CEO at Infosys also mentioned how the company has been making huge investments in the space of Artificial Intelligence. The company is using generative Artificial Intelligence in order to provide transformative business solutions as well as incorporating it in multiple of its services to improve productivity. The alliance which will be the integrated offerings of Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, Infosys Cobalt, and Infosys Topaz will be assisting enterprises to transform and future-proof their businesses. Thus, this alliance will be helping businesses to develop on strong digital footprint along with the usage of cloud and next-generation AI capacities.

For example, recently Infosys Topaz and Google Cloud generative AI was leveraged in order to help a famous consumer goods company to introduce an AI Twin successfully. The idea was to help the company in planning in real-time and understand its marketing spend, promotion, and product supply all over the markets.

In another example, for a significant telecommunications company, Infosys develops the latest data and AI capability on Google Cloud to guide growth and expansion via digital channels and sustain the end-to-end customer journey from prospecting to servicing.

Thomas Kurian who serves as the CEO of Google Cloud said, “Generative AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate, from enabling supply chain managers to operate more sustainably to helping marketers more efficiently create campaigns. Through our expanded partnership with Infosys, we will give our mutual customers the resources and skills needed to use generative AI today to create real-world value for their organizations.”

It seems the top companies of the world are really coming up with deals and partnerships that will assist them in providing experiences that are faster, smoother, and enhanced versions of their earlier predecessors. Ultimately, the idea of these deals and alliances is nothing but to make more profits and climb the success ladder sooner than others.

The idea is also to build a brand value that cannot be beaten by its competitors. As Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly advancing sector, one cannot deny the fact that the future will involve more such case studies that will include several AI-related campaigns and engagement. So, if you resist AI, let us tell you that AI is the future and you have to buckle up to embrace the same.

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