Amit Shah praises PM Modi’s initiatives to create world-class infrastructure

BusinessAmit Shah praises PM Modi's initiatives to create world-class infrastructure


Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Thursday that our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken many initiatives to make the basis of a developed India. Shah appreciated Modi to have created fantastic world-class infrastructure during the nine years of his rule in central government.

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Shah also shared his views on how Modi has led in such a manner that all the great projects have been executed and completed successfully in a fast manner. His leadership abilities have helped India to emerge as the global supply chain leader in nine years of ‘Gati and Pragati’.

Shah wrote on Twitter, “With giant strides in ensuring seamless connectivity PM @narendramodi Ji laid the foundation of a developed India”. From 2014 to 2023 i.e. nine years under Prime Minister Modi’s governance, India has witnessed an infrastructure boom that has aided its growth at the global level. 

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Shah also said how Modi has been creating waves by taking up projects that have implemented I-Ways, highways, airports, or ensuring railways are accessible in remote corners, world-class infrastructure has been implemented as a part of India’s growth story. Amit Shah and PM Modi are always found to be supporting each other in their respective roles in government. 

It is no wonder that Modi’s leadership has seen a huge growth in India’s infrastructure and related projects. However, the downfall of the Indian economy and growing unemployment in the country is a rising issue, which hasn’t been addressed by any government so far in the 75 years of Independent India.

There are over 11 crores of enterprises registered under the Ministry of MSME. And it is estimated that around 8% of the population of India only pays tax. So, that questions us to the fact that what is the remaining huge chunk of the population living around the country up to? 

At the grassroots level, there have to be questions asked to find out the unemployment rate in India after the pandemic times. Where is gender equality, where is the literacy rate going in the country, and where are jobs getting created when the startup sector is itself in a crisis time?

These are the pressing questions that need answers from the government and also work from the officials so that in the next 25-50 years people who are born and going to school, have some work to do once they graduate from their schools and colleges.

The government right now is doing good work in a few aspects but there are many aspects that India is facing right now, that need to be having teams to resolve those issues. Modi government is eyeing for 2024 elections to win and again get back to its power to rule a democratic India. 

However, if the major concerns of unemployment and poverty levels are not being addressed in a timely manner, then this promotional work of taking up global projects won’t be of much use or give satisfaction to people. Time for the government to work more and make less noise so that critics won’t troll them for their good initiatives.

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