Why only Paras Hospital is responsible for the mock drill?

ArticleWhy only Paras Hospital is responsible for the mock drill?


Why only Paras Hospital is responsible for the mock drill?

Zeenat Siddiqui

Why only Paras Hospital is responsible for the mock drill?

The central and state government kept saying that there is no shortage of oxygen in the country and adequate oxygen is being supplied to all the states according to their need, but the viral audio of a doctor of Paras Hospital in Agra city of Uttar Pradesh has given these false claims were exposed in a very frightening way. In this viral audio the doctor operating the hospital is talking about the lack of oxygen. He says oxygen is not getting anywhere, let’s turn off the oxygen for 5 minutes and see what happens? And in this experiment, it is being said that 22 corona infected have died. After the audio goes viral, this thing becomes completely clear because of the lack of oxygen at the time of the incident, the situation was direr than it seemed because when a doctor or hospital took such a decision (which the media is calling a mock drill) ) then the circumstances can only be imagined.

Agra’s Paras Hospital had the capacity to admit 57 Covid-19 patients, but at the time of the incident, 96 corona patients were admitted . So the biggest question would have arisen that how so many more patients were admitted to the hospital than the capacity because no patient can be admitted to the Covid-19 hospital without testing and the government has complete data of all the patients who are admitted in these hospitals. So what was the administration doing when so many patients were being admitted beyond capacity? If he did not have information about it then it becomes an even bigger crime and if he had the knowledge then why not act in time?

In the month of April-May, the whole country was screaming and saying that there is a severe shortage of oxygen. Now our Prime Minister has also accepted that the demand for oxygen had increased unimaginably, although as per his habit he once again misrepresented (I will not use the word false keeping in mind the dignity of the post). , because even before such a situation arose, the parliamentary committee had warned him well about the problem, but he did not listen to anyone as per his working style. Everyone knows what happened next! However, propaganda started that the opponents were spreading rumors, defaming the government about the lack of oxygen. The government of UP went even further and started talking about imposing NSA on those who talk about lack of oxygen, unofficially instructions were given to hospitals that the cause of deaths should not be attributed to lack of oxygen. If the hospitals were getting oxygen as per their requirement, then how was the talk of such instructions to the hospitals going on in the media and social media. Will the Covid hospitals, especially private hospitals, not be under pressure due to these instructions and threats to impose NSA? In my opinion it would be. These hospitals have to work only under the government and administration and no one wants to take hatred of crocodile by staying in the river. To hide the exact number of deaths due to Covid, this government changed the reason for the deaths due to Corona! The simple thing is that whatever may be the cause of death of a Covid-19 patient, but if the patient is admitted on the basis of symptoms of Covid-19, then the cause of his death should be considered as Covid-19 only.

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The decision taken by the doctor of Paras Hospital can be termed as humanly wrong, there can be arguments on whether this decision is right or wrong, but who is responsible for the circumstances behind taking this decision? Who is responsible for the oxygen supply? Who is responsible for meeting the shortage of oxygen? Obviously, the government! Because if there was enough oxygen, then this alleged mockdrill would not have happened, the idea of doing such an experiment would not have come to mind. Didn’t that doctor know what could happen if the oxygen was depleted? Still, he did this experiment thinking that efforts should be made to save those whose lives could be saved. The question is also arise whether the pressure to save the image of the government was so much on Paras Hospital that it had to make a decision like the so-called mockdrill and become a murderer from the God of the earth.

This is just an incident that came to the fore due to the audio going viral, don’t know how many more such incidents would have happened which would have been suppressed or suppressed under any pressure. By sealing Paras Hospital and registering an FIR against the doctor, the government cannot escape the questions that how and why did the situation arise for taking such a decision?

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