SP after BSP too is wooing Brahmin voters ahead of 2022 UP elections

ArticleSP after BSP too is wooing Brahmin voters ahead of 2022 UP...


SP after BSP too is wooing Brahmin voters ahead of 2022 UP elections


With UP assembly polls are still six months away, but all the political parties in the state are leaving no stone unturned to woo Brahmin voters ahead of UP elections 2022 to its fold; whether its Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) or the Samajwadi Party (SP). SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday called a key meeting of its top Brahmin leaders in Lucknow to discuss the strategy of attracting about 13% Brahmin voters to its fold.

SP president seems confident that if the party can reach out to the disillusioned Brahmin voters, as per the alleged atrocities of the community in the BJP rule in Uttar Pradesh.

However, after the demise of Janeshwar Mishra (Chote Lohia), party has no Brahmin leader left in SP cadre of his stature. But, still Akhilesh Yadav following his advisors, is trying to play on the front foot as far as wooing brahmin voters are concerned. That’s why he called the meeting of Brahmin leaders at his residence, which was attended by senior leader Mata Prasad Pandey, former minister Abhishek Mishra and Manoj Pandey, former minister Pawan Pandey and Sanatan Pandey.

Akhilesh Yadav don’t want to left behind in reaching out to the ‘Enlightened class’ after BSP organized the community seminar of the same in Ayodhya, under the aegis of BSP Gen secretary Satish Chandra Mishra focusing on the vote bank.

Brahmin voters in UP

As we know that BSP came to power in UP in 2007 on the magic of social engineering where it got 206 seats out of 403 assembly seats with 30.43% votes.

Satish Mishra had already said while seeking the blessings of #RamLala in Ayodha that if 13% Brahmin votes get united with about 23% Dalit votes then it will become a deadly combination to beat in Uttar Pradesh.

One may remember the famous slogan of that time “Brahmin Sankh Bajayega Hathi Badhta Jayega”.

BSP supremo, Mayawati is trying to repeat the same magic of 2007 in 2022 with its tried and tested social engineering formula to garner upper caste votes along with its loyal backward caste voters.  

Mayawati to repeat social engineering formula in 2022 UP election

Meanwhile, after the bad taste of alliances in past two elections in UP, Akhilesh has decided to go solo or it may forge an alliance with smaller parties rather than bigger parties. Moving in the same direction Akhilesh has also decided to target specific communities like Nishad and Brahmins along with its stronghold Muslim+ Yadav combination to make a comeback in 2022.

To ensure this, the Brahmin leaders of Samajwadi Party will form a committee which will work to ensure that the issues of the community are addressed promptly. And SP will hold district wise Brahmin Conclave in the state, under the leadership of the above committee. He also said that his party stands firmly with the community.

Meanwhile, BJP seems unperturbed by this Brahmin outreach program of both the parties, BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said, UP has moved on from caste-based politics, people now want development.  However, few political analysts in the state are saying that BJP’s utter silence on BSP Brahmin Sammelan is a ploy to dent SP’s vote bank, and to make it multipolar fight, which is advantage BJP. Since BJP after 2014 has maintained nearly 40% vote share in UP, way ahead of SP and BSP.  

Will Akhilesh repeat 2012 in the 2022 election?

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