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ArticleSolution for CoronaVirus


Solution for CoronaVirus

Rishabh Srivastava

What is coronavirus?

Its a highly contagious virus which when infect will cause respiratory illness,in turn, may also diffuse causing damage to other organs as well. It is said that if one has high immunity ,they can recover without special treatment. However for people having preexisting cardiovascular ,diabetes or other unlying diseases ,it can be ominous.

Advantages of coronavirus Lockdown:

  1. BJP and AAP is coordinating together to fight the virus which is onces in the bluemoon. Various parties and agencies are cooperating and coordinating each other which is the one of the aspirations of our constitution i.e. unity , fraternity and integrity.
  2. Enhanced transparency and accountability of every institution. Media ,the fourth pillar, is playing pivotal role to spread awareness and government programmes.
  3. People are spending times with their kiths and kins.
  4. People active participation is incredible under our beloved PM modi.

Disadvanges of coronavirus Lockdown:

  1. The obvious one is the Economic breakdown. Infact the biggest breakdown ever in the history of economics.
  2. From Labour class to cricketers , all bearing the brunt of this lockdown.
  3. Providing access to essential commodities and services is perhaps the biggest problem faced today by the government.
  4. Many other obvious issue, like people stranded to other countries and states left them alone.

Probable Solutions of Coronavirus:

  1. Lockdown by which Social distancing can be acheived which in turn heavily reduces the spread of the virus. Since antiboitic drugs solution can reduce the symptoms of virus not the virus itself.
  2. Immunities i.e. antibodies of body to fight antigens like as deadly and contagious as coronavirus can be improves by healthy vit C like oranges.
  3. Drinking the lukewarm water or taking steam from boiled water can perhaps work.
  4. Maintain hygiene and sanitation. Wash hand for minimum 20 seconds and Mask is must.
  5. But the best solution is PlasMa Therapy which is transfusion of plasma from blood of already recovered patient from coronavirus (which already synthesis the production of antibodies to fight corona) to patient on the ventilators.But Since Plasma is limited ,we have to limit the spread. Lockdown is must and Even more important is to follow the Guidelines.

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