Second wave of Covid-19 is much more dangerous

ArticleSecond wave of Covid-19 is much more dangerous


Second wave of Covid-19 is much more dangerous

Ubaidullah Nasir

Second wave of Covid-19 is much more dangerous

The second wave of Covid 19 is more deadly and is spreading with dangerous speed. The cases have crossed one lakh and the death toll is comparatively high this time with Shamshans and graveyards overcrowded with dead bodies. Hospitals are filled with patient and more and more patients are running from pillar to post to get admitted for treatment but in vain. Whatever may be the claims of the government and health authorities fact remains that there is a sign of helplessness on the face of medical staff who even in adverse circumstances are doing their best to save the lives. Even doctors and other medical staff is getting infected. In Lucknow’s prestigious King George Medical University more than 40 doctors including the medical superintendent are reported infected with the virus. But if you see the electioneering in states that are poll bound specially Bengal you will find that as if Corona is afraid of targeting this state. The election rallies, road shows even by Prime Minister, union ministers specially home minister, party president, state chief minister all are attracting huge rush where pandemic protocols are shamelessly violated. It is surprising that neither the Election Commission nor the Supreme Court are showing any concern for public health in poll bound states. How callous and careless Mr. Hemant Biswal Sarma Assam’s deputy Chief Minister and chief strategist of BJP for North East was when he refused to wear mask saying there is no Corona in Assam .Can not the Election Commission stop public rallies road shows and other form of mass gathering during election campaign. Can not the Supreme Court taking suo moto cognizance of such shameless violation of pandemic protocols come on heavily and stop this mindless play with public health and safety. It seems as if human lives have no meanings for our political masters only victory in election matters. Why can’t the electioneering be a low key affair is a big question striking the mind of every sensible Indian.

On the other hand farmers agitation has entered the fifth month with still thousands of farmers sitting on dharna and no Corona has scared them nor the government has shown any concern for their safety from the pandemic. Surprisingly we have not heard any case of Covid-19 among the agitating farmers though experts warn of its potential to be super spreader specially given the rising cases in Punjab

Blame game however, is in full swing. Union health minister Dr. Harshvardhan blamed non BJP state governments specially Maharashtra and Chattisgarh for politicizing the pandemic and not doing enough to control its spread. Kerala with left front government and Delhi with AAP government have also been bracketed with these states but the fact remains and data confirms that there is hardly any state that could claim to be in better and comfortable position. Karnataka a BJP ruled state has third highest cases in the country. Not only in case of infected people but even in death tolls it is third after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and remember Tamil Nadu is ruled by a BJP ally party AIADMK. Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh are among the five top states contributing to increase the number of Corona patients. Goa another BJP ruled state has the highest death toll per million population higher even than Maharashtra, this is true to Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh ruled by BJP. It was very unbecoming of union health minister to politicize the pandemic.

The situation in Uttar Pradesh is alarming. Breaking all previous records of spread of this virus in the state since the beginning of the pandemic in March last year about 8500 people were tested positive in last 24 hours on Thursday. The highest single day jump of 7000 was reported in mid September last year. The worst affected districts in UP are Lucknow, Prayagraj and Varanasi. Totally 12 districts in the state have confirmed more than 100 positive cases in the last one day. Among the steep rise in Pandemic cases the UP government has decided to increase the number of beds reserved for Corona patients in state and private hospitals. According to state drug controller all the medicines and other items needed for treatment are available in sufficient quantity. Vaccination derive too is going on in full swing in the state. Night curfew has also been ordered in Lucknow and many other cities. The state is also going on through three tier Panchayat elections. Administrations has issued guidelines for electioneering that must be adhered by candidates and their supporters and workers.

All in all the second wave of pandemic Covid-19 has emerged as a bigger danger than first wave, public must be more conscious and alert. All the protocols and safety measures must be followed strictly and no chance should be taken in this connection.

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