PM Modi request citizens, stay in whichever city you are

ArticlePM Modi request citizens, stay in whichever city you are


New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed people to avoid unnecessary travels and follow the instructions of the of local authorities to avoid spreading of the coronavirus.
PM Modi, in a series of tweets ahead of the Janata Curfew on Sunday, said crowding of public places like railway station and bus stands will increase the risk of spreading virus.

“I request all to stay in their respective cities. This way, we can stop this disease from spreading further. We are playing with our help by crowding place like bus stands and railway stations. Please think about your family and yourself, don’t step out if not necessary,” PM Modi said in a tweet in Hindi.

The Prime Minister appealed people to practice precaution and not to panic in these testing times.

“Never forget – precautions not panic! It’s not only important to be home but also remain in the town/ city where you are. Unnecessary travels will not help you or others,” the Prime Minister said in his tweet.

He further requested people under home quarantine to follow the advise of doctors and authorities in order to protect their friends and family.

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