Modi’s six years of failures and gimmicks

ArticleModi’s six years of failures and gimmicks


Modi’s six years of failures and gimmicks

Ubaidullah Nasir

Modi’s six years of failures and gimmicks
Ubaidullah Nasir

How the first year of Modi 2 will be remembered in our history, what are its major achievements, what are its success and failures needs to be elaborated seriously and honestly. Union home minister erstwhile national president of ruling BJP and termed as Chanakya of today’s Indian politics Amit Shah has elaborated the success and achievements of his government on completion of its one year so I will confine myself in highlighting major failures of this government. First of all I will like to ask twelve question from the supporters of this government and Mr. Modi in particular at the completion of 12 months in office .

1-      Because we achieved sixth rank in world in number of corona positives which now is touching 2 Lakhs which was about 500 when the lockdown was announced

2-      On Exodus of lakhs of migrant labourers due to unplanned and sudden lockdown

3-      On Plight of these migrant labours moving on foot braving harsh weather, hunger, thirst and helplessness

4-      At the unemployment of about 15 crore people due to this unplanned lockdown

5-      At the unemployment ratio touching lowest mark in 45 years

6-      At the Lowest GDP since independence

7-      At the Sale of even Navratan PSUs at throw away prices

8-       At the intrusion of Chinese army upto 10 kms   in our area

9-      At no friendly relation with any neighbour including Nepal Bangla Desh and Afghanistan our time tested friends

10-   At making teethless all constitutional institutions including judiciary which use to be a check and balance against democratic tyranny on the basis of brute majority in the house (Lok sabha )

11-   For turning democracy into mobocracy

12-   At insensitive of government to the plight of common man and protecting interest of corporate houses and big business at the cost poor small traders, workers and common man.

 Fact remains that this one year should be seen in continuity to first term of five years. During these six years in office Modi government has taken every step to destroy the economy, silliest among them was demonetization followed by GST privatization of even railways and other profit earning PSUs including ONGC Bharat Petroleum etc has been a major blow to our economy. Banking sector has also been crushed due to wrong priorities of Modi government. Because of these PSUs and strong banking network India was able to bear the shock of economic recession of 2008.Unplanned lockdown due to Covid 19 came as a final blow to the economy compelling RBI governor to accept that economic condition of the country is bad than our expectations.

On social front which is as important as economic front this government has done everything possible to polarize the society on religious lines to win elections, it gave them political benefit but social fabric was torn apart so much so that such devastating polarization was not visible even after partition and Ayodhya movement.It is the only government in the world which is toring apart social fabric of its nation for political gains.

There is an old saying “If wealth is gone nothing has gone if health is gone something is gone but if character is gone everything is gone”. Modi government in its wisdom has destroyed the character of our democracy. Tolerance, accommodation, broad heartedly accepting political differences and not making them personal enemity, tone of debate,language of discourse all has suddenly changed and it is very difficult to recognize India of today with India before 2013.

Free press independent judiciary powerful democratic & constitutional institutions seems to be institutions of yesteryears. Every voice of dissent and opposition is termed as anti national and even cases are filed under draconian laws against such opponents, in many cases they have been physically silenced like Kalburgi, Pansare and Gauri Lankesh etc. Many Muslim youths were mob lynched and the criminals got hero like welcome from Sanghi leaders including union and state ministers. Justice is denied to victims from every possible method including cross FIR against victims and butched up investigation by Police even courts attitude in many cases has been blatantly partial. Veteran journalist Harish Khare in one of his recent articles appeared in reputed “The Hindu”had written “It is hardly a secret that these last six years the Modi regime has quietly but diligently and systematically made dysfunctional without dismantling all the established institutions designed to prevent abuse of power and authority “ institutions such as vigilance commission, Lokpal, Central Information commission, NHRC, Election Commission etc. have been made paper tigers. What to say of these institutions when even judiciary which till yesterday was considered apart government has practically became a part of government. Both judiciary and media are considered watch dog of democracy but unfortunately both have compromised their independence.

Modi and his cheer leaders from top to bottom including its IT cell goons and mohalla level workers believes sincerely in the correctness of their choosen path. The dose of nationalism and religion (Hindutva ) is so strong that all these peoples may rightly be called patients of Stockholm syndrome, where victim sees savior in his/her attackers. They not only resent democratic opposition but even leaves no stone unturned to paint these opponents as anti national and anti Hindu and choicest abuses are hurled upon them.  

Under Modi regime our constitutional democracy is under severe strain and its future is bleak. Constitution is not just a bundle of few thousand words it has not only words but a spirit also this spirit of constitution has systematically and gradually been eroded. Brute majority in Lok sabha misuse of government machinery against political opponents including their character assassination through media trial are dangerous phenomenon of our democracy. We may overcome economic crisis by better economic management but the blow to our  social fabric and constitutional democracy is so severe that it will not only take time but will need another Gandhi and Nehru to restore social fabric and democratic system.

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