Government and corporates are having the last laugh

ArticleGovernment and corporates are having the last laugh


Farmers agitation defamed unity broken, conspiracy succeeded.

Ubaidullah Nasir

Government and corporates are having the last laugh

They have done once again what some of the most brutal regimes of the world have done. In a chilled cold night after the tired frustrated and some how with a sense of defeat before an arrogant brutal regime when the farmers were sleeping in their tents and under shamianas the police first cut their electric supply then brutally cane charged them and dragged them out of their makeshift camps, videos are available showing policemen beating the sleeping farmers and farmers running for safety under chilled cold sky. Humanity may be feeling ashamed but not the arrogant power blind regime. Delhi Police force which once was considered one of the best professional police force of the country is now behaving just like old time “lathaits” of erstwhile feudal lords.

Under BJP regime specially since Amit Shah became union home minister the Delhi police is working like Bajrang Dal goons targeting only political opponents of this government. Be it the students of word famous Jawahar Lal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia or people of minority community. Not only during riots and students protests but even in investigating the cases it showed its blatant partiality and communal approach to the extent that more than 100 retired IPS officers including super cop Julio Ribero could not remain silent on this most unprofessional communal and partial working of Delhi police and wrote a strong worded letter to Delhi Police commissioner and all IPS officers reminding them their constitutional responsibility and duty but who hears the voice of sanity under this arrogant power blind regime.

A senior most administrative who retired from the post of chief secretary Mr. Anis Ansari once told me that for administrators it is very difficult to deal with peaceful silent protestors as in our manual there is no any clear guide line as how to deal with such peaceful protestors. We could easily deal with violent protestors but not as easily with silent protestors. So the Delhi police awaited violence and some lawlessness and planted “agent provoketeurs” were activated in farmers protest just as they were activated during Shaheen Bagh protests.

Then there were some famous and known BJP leaders and workers including Kapil Mishra Pravesh Verma and even Anurag Thakur a union minister this time it was a little known BJP worker Deep Singh Siddhu and few others who hoisted flag over Lal Quila. How and why the tractor parade changed the rout and rushed towards lal qila needs to be investigated as all the farmers leaders are condemning the incident in one language and are clearly saying that moving the tractor parade towards Lal qila was never in our plan. We moved on the routs given to us by Delhi Police but according to some barricades were erected even on designated rout compelling the agitators to move towards ITO and Lal Quila.

It is crystal clear that Deep Singh Siddhu and others were planted by “power that may be “ and farmers were provoketed to turn a bit violent so that the government and police could fulfil their task of teaching farmers a lesson and compel them to end their agitation without any achievement. The two month long Dharna and martyrdom of more than one hundred farmers could not bear any fruit and is to be ended with the tag of insult defamation and loss of public sympathy.

The media specially our TV channels are crying from the roof top about the so called insult of our tri colour and attack on Lal qila as if it is new. When tricolor was replaced by Bhagwa from High Court Building in Rajasthan in support of a killer Raigar it was neither the insult of tri colour nor of the court when Tiranga yatra is brought out in favour of killers and rapists it is not the insult of our national flag so much so that some Sanghi bigots were hoisting tricolor with Bhagwa when Capitol hill was stormed by Trump followers that was not the insult of tricolor.

Had Siddhu any Urdu name he would have been treated like Dr. Kafeel and Shaarjeel Imam but here “sanyya bhaye kotwal to dar kahe ka” (might is right).Modi government has succeeded in its conspiracy of defaming the farmers stir it has sown the seeds of dissent in its rank two major farmer unions have decided to withdraw from the stir important famer leaders against whom FIR has been registered under some draconian clauses of IPC will be sent behind bars and leader less agitators will be beaten and dispersed.

The government and corporate The Delhi police has once again shown its partiality and has registered FIRs against Kisan leaders including Rakesh Tikait Yogendra Yadav and Medha Patkar and thirty others but till the time of writing this peace no FIR has been registered against Deep Siddhu and his followers what to say of their arrest. houses will have the last laugh and our food security will go to hell.

Farmers negotiators have been named in FIR and may be arrested shortly and the cracks in Sanyukt Kisab Morcha with two unions withdrawing from the protest the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha an umbrella organization of farmers unions spearheading the protest is feeling weak and frustrated. It has announced to cancel its program of parliament gherao but has announced the agitation to continue with hunger strike all over the country on 30th January.

Even after taking the toll of more than 100 farmers and this painful and shameful turn of event the government is not showing any flexibility to assuage the hurt feelings of the agitating farmers, rather it is happy to have achieved what it wanted. Budget session of the parliament is to be started opposition is united in opposing these laws but with comfortable majority on its own the regime is content and is not feeling any heat. It has a strong network of pracharaks workers and media to brain wash the common man by painting farmers as anti national and anti Hindutva.

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