Corona transformed into communal virus

ArticleCorona transformed into communal virus


Corona transformed into communal virus

Corona transformed into communal virus
Ubaidullah Nasir

Ubaidulla Nasir

India is the only country which at this critical juncture is facing double danger of virus one is corona the other one is communalism . We will overcome corona in few days or in few months but the virus of communalism will continue to take its toll for a long long time to come . Unfortunately seeing political benefit in this second and more lethal virus the government did very little to stop this virus from being viral, however after great damage is done some action is being taken by police .

Corona was a real threat when it was first reported from China gradually it spread globally so much so that perhaps for the first time in its history even Khana kaba and Masjid Nabvi were closed for devotees .It first played havoc in China then in many advanced countries including US Italy Spain Britain etc among Muslim countries Iran was worst affected .When this deadly virus was engulfing the entire world how it could spare India but unfortunately we were not so serious about this killer disease so much so that even on March 13 the union health ministry announced that Corona is not a threat to India and no precautionary measure mainly medical check up of passengers coming from different part of the world was taken .

Congress former president and member of parliament Rahul Gandhi warned the govt in first week of February that corona is a threat and govt should take preventive measure to stop this virus from spreading its tentacles in India but his warning was not taken seriously and no medical check up of passengers coming from other countries was ordered .Even BJP member of rajya sabha Dr Subramaniam Swamy has been questioning the government for its negligence in not ordering checkup of foreign travelers.

Around third week of March Delhi govt announced some precautionary measures specially stopping public gathering ,few days later Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on national TV ad announced janta curfew and social distancing in the meanwhile trains road transport and flights were stopped but it was knee jerk reaction to a big threat the very next day he again appeared on national Tv and announced complete lockdown asking people to stop where they are he also announced some relief package to needy but it created panic among labour class who was living in big cities seeing grim future and not having trust on govt measures they with their women and children started rushing to their native villages on foot and thus all steps meant for social distancing failed the very first day .

According to informations forty of these unlucky hapless poors died on their way to home including seven children .
In the meantime came the Tabligi jamat episode as a God gift for government .There is no denying the fact that the jamat erred in not calling off its proposed ijtima when disturbing news were coming from all over world including closure of khana kaba is anything more important more pious than tawafe kaba when it was stopped to save the humanity, why jamat could not have cancelled its program or has not arranged medical checkup of its delegates coming from other countries including Malysia and Indonesia.It is the criminal negligence at the part of jamat for which it can’t be pardoned but the administration is equally responsible for this lapse. NIzamuddin police station is situated in next building why has it allowed the ijtima to take place, earlier what has Delhi government health department done to sanitise the area specially the Markaz building, was not its responsibility to ensure medical checkup of thousands of people staying in this building .

But the way jamat’s negligence is being overplayed not only to hide negligence of government but to spread hate against Muslims and polarize the society is highly condemnable .Jamat has documentary proof that it has informed local authorities about its member being stranded in its building at Nizamuddin and has sought permission to arrange their travel but it was made to run from pillar to post for such permission but to no avail .

In the meantime BJP IT cell RSS propaganda machinery together with TV channels and media started demonizing jamat and Muslims in the garb of jamat . The trick is doubly beneficial it hided all failures of govt and strengthen vote bank of BJP but the society will pay a very heavy price for this hate mongering. Already social and economic bycott of Muslim traders even of petty shopkeepers thelewalas was being preached now thousands of fabricated allegations and photos are being viral on social media polluting the mind of ordinary men and women the society has been put on tinder box of communalism .It could easily be said that virus of communalism has become more dangerous than corona.

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