Be Vocal for Local, its the backbone of India – Heera Lal, IAS

ArticleBe Vocal for Local, its the backbone of India – Heera...


Be Vocal for Local,  its the backbone of India – Heera Lal,  IAS

Vocal for local implies that we have to implement the formula of Local Consumption by Local Production. The globalization circle is completing. Globalization is first half the circle. Vocal for local is second half the circle. The smallest unit of governance in India is“village”. It is said that India lives in villages. Villages try to fulfil their demands by local production in village itself.

A demand and supply listing of each village will help us in increasing and creating supply locally to meet the village demand.We first need to plan treating village as country for planning purposes. Mostly things we can supply to meet the demands of the villagers by producing in village. Leftover demand. we try to supply from within the district. Likewise next supply area would by commissionery area and state.

With above approach and strategy, we can implement this idea of vocal for local. We have to take three elements into account: One, participation of stakeholder; two, convergence of funds/ inputs of all type; three, Formula of low cost or no cost.

(Additional Managing Director,
National Health Mission, UP + Additional Project Director,
Uttar Pradesh Aids Control Society)

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