A day of irony

ArticleA day of irony


A day of irony

Happy Women’s Day!

By Anushree Painuly

Yes, one day when our existence is ‘supposedly’ celebrated.

One day when everyone, even the ones whose world would cease to exist without swearing on the name of female relations, carry the flag of ‘respect women’.

One day when people searching for fair, beautiful and slim girls in matrimonial columns suddenly change their opinion to ‘All women are beautiful’.

A day when the ones ignorant about the working of science and thus adamant about their new born to strictly be a boy, join their peers and colleagues in supporting the statement that daughters are in no way lesser than sons.

One Day when the ones who have sold their son to the most profitable dowry bid share women’s day videos about treating daughter-in-law well.

A day when the country facing multiple rape cases, domestic violence, female feticide closes its eye to everything and showers its ladies with temporary affection and respect.

A day of irony.

Happy women’s ( 1 out of 365 ) days !

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