Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie


Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

Some clouds have a Silver lining and others have a golden one!

The last couple of years have been gloomy and it is easy to get lost in the same. However, in this gloom too there have been many people that have been doing exemplary work.

I recently got to know about one such true champion through my friend. While doing research for one of the stories, she had interacted with Sadam Hanjabam, who is the founder of an NGO called Ya_All. Soon after my conversation with her, I also googled him and was perhaps even more impressed than she was about the work that he had been doing.

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For those who are not aware, he is a Manipur-based social activist and has been working towards creating a more inclusive society and working for the empowerment LGBTQA+ community in the country. Like most, his story also started with how he was treated in his hometown. He tried to escape it all by running away to Mumbai but like they say you may run from your problems but the problems would still find out. Long story short, he understood that he will have to tackle his own demons. However, while doing so, he also found a way to help thousands of others in the country that has been dealing with similar issues.

His story is moving not because he was able to fight drug addiction or because he established an NGO in the heart of the North East. It is because he managed to find the strength within him at the time when he was its lowest. Rather than giving up, he could think of finding a support group and now that support group has mushroomed into an NGO.

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What my take away from his story is that even during our lowest, we have the strength to rise up and start afresh. Most of us are looking for a silver lining and by that at least what I am usually looking for is outside support. However, his story made me realise that there might be a golden light that we have been ignoring. That golden light is inside of us and most times we don’t pay heed to it. So while it is good to look for a silver lining we should never forget our own power and resources.

Hope we all realise to look for our golden light especially when life tries to pull us down. May we use this resource to rise again and continue to shine on!

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