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Single parent – A pillar of strength

Being a single parent is tough. Whether it’s a single mom or a father, they are overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising their child all alone. From nurturing their child to maintaining a job and dealing with the household chores, they do all these tasks perfectly. And we should respect them for this. That’s why I described them as a “Pillar Of Strength.”

Whenever I see these “pillars of strength,” I automatically fill up with respect. Because they deal with pressure daily and guess what? They don’t even have a partner or someone to lean on. And after struggling with all these situations, at the end of the day, they prove to us that no matter how hard life is, you need to have the courage to make it perfect. 

However, society feels pity for them and treats them as weak personalities. Why? Instead of this, respect them and make sure you motivate them, and, if possible, help them without showing any sympathy. Because no matter if it’s a single mother or a father, they both deal with the same pressure as raising a child alone is a big task nowadays. 

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Heart-touching story: 

These two stories I have come across on social media. So, I thought to share it with you:

  • Every mother is a warrior, and this is a story of a warrior who was married at the age of 23, and when she was 3-month pregnant, her husband passed away due to a severe heart attack. She was devastated as she became the widow with the baby on the way. She felt depressed and was terrified to be a single mother. But when her baby girl was born, her smile made her fear melt, and she became a warrior, found a job at the IT firm, and made everything perfect for her baby girl. Isn’t it great?
  • Father is a shield for his child who protects them from all the worries, and this is a story of a father who portrays both mother and father’s role. His wife was diagnosed with cancer when his daughter was just two years old. Soon after, his wife succumbed. After that, he did everything from braiding her hair to feeding her food. However, he did not tell his daughter about her mother that she is no more. But he said that when she gets a little older, he will tell his daughter that her mother was a fighter and how she loved her beyond words—such a heart-touching story. 

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Final Thoughts: 

As a single parent, you should have a positive attitude towards life because you are enough to raise your child alone, and that is your strength. You are a real example of courage, so don’t think you can’t handle things perfectly. Also, remember that no parent is perfect, so if something goes wrong, don’t stress yourself. 

That’s all; if you like it, do share and leave feedback if you think something is missing there. Thank you!!

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