Pakistan destroying Indian assets built for Afghans through its proxy Taliban

Pakistan destroying Indian assets built for Afghans through its proxy Taliban


Pakistan destroying Indian assets built for Afghans through its proxy Taliban


Taliban has sensed the withdrawal of US and NATO forces as their victory in Afghanistan by flexing its muscles on the behest of Pakistan’s ISI and Army’s support.  Pakistan’s evil game is going unabated in war-torn Afghanistan through its protégé Taliban which was pampered by GHQ in the last two decades even fooling the US in the guise of war against terror.

As per the reports Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has sent the reinforcement of about 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan, after strong retaliation from the Afghan military. As per the sources Pakistani and the Taliban fighters were sent with specific instructions to remove and damage Indian assets built by India as a goodwill gesture, to help Afghanistan recover from the devastation of war.

As per reports from news agency ANI, The Indian government has invested more than $3 billion in the Afghan reconstruction work in the war-ravaged country in the past two decades from roads to bridges to even power and drinking projects. One such development work symbol is the 218-km road between Delaram and Zaranj Salma dam, completed in 2015, and regarded as one of India’s biggest engineering marvel and contribution to Afghanistan.

Taliban fired mortars on Salma Dam, symbol of Afghan-India friendship

As per the estimates around 10,000 Pakistanis fighters have entered Afghanistan through the Northwest borders of Pakistan, which was earlier know as the ex-FATA region, to openly support the Taliban’s fight against the President Ghani-led Afghanistan government.

Pakistan actually has never won a war, fighting with its enemies directly, so it always resorts to proxies whether it was lured jihadi terrorists in Kashmir or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Pak evil game will never end in the region. Most of the top Taliban leaders and their families are living in Pakistan and enjoying state privileges under the security of the Pak Army.

India builds Pakistan breaks

India on the other hand made a significant contribution towards the Afghan education sector and had played a big role in their capacity building as well. Meanwhile, Taliban fighters have fired several rounds of mortars to damage Salma Dam symbol of the India-Afghan friendship.

Pakistan and its ISI is the real perpetrator, responsible for turbulence in Afghanistan. This was openly stated by Afghan President, Ghani, and his deputy Amrullah Saleh, on various forums but Pakistan’s unwavering support to the Taliban is going on unabated.

Meanwhile, Indian agencies are keeping a tab on the developments at the Kabul airport which is not going to be under American security for very long now due to their scheduled withdrawal.

The Indian embassy in Kabul and diplomats in Kandhar were already asked to leave, while the workers of Indian public sector company WAPCOS; engaged in the construction of a $350 million Shahtoot dam which will provide drinking water to the city of Kabul are also asked to leave for the while.

‘Taliban practicing what Pak Army, intelligence telling them’

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