Tips to book your hotel room during your travel

TravelTips to book your hotel room during your travel


Whether you are planning to travel during the Diwali season or Christmas holidays, you should have done your research well on which hotels to book. If you have relatives or friends’ homes where you can stay during the travel period, then it is great. But if you have to book accommodation for your stay during the travel period, then a lot of preparation, time, and energy goes through the process.

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Here are some tips to ace your hotel room search and booking for your travel.

1) Write down the locations that you plan to visit at your travel destination:

If you have already fixed certain locations that you will be visiting, sightseeing, shopping, etc. then probably your hotel stay should be around those locations. It shouldn’t be such that your hotel is at one end and the attractions that you plan to visit are on the other end. So, make sure you first list out the places and then visit the travel websites to search for good-rated hotels.

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2) Check out two to three travel websites:

In today’s times, there are many travel websites that offer good discounts and deals to their users. You can check out the top websites like goibibo, makemytrip, tripadvisor,, etc in order to compare the rates, deals, and the list of hotels in your desired location. Make sure whichever hotel you plan to book should be nearby the railway station or airport or at least nearby the attractions you plan to visit. Don’t go by only one website but make sure to visit these travel websites over a week’s time to check out the best deals.

3) Don’t go by the mere looks of the hotel:

Some hotels don’t really have good photographers or digital teams to present you with the looks of the inside and out of the hotel. It doesn’t mean that such hotels are not good ones. That’s why don’t go by simply the looks of the photographs or the videos presented on the travel websites or hotel websites by the hotels. You should also speak to a couple of people who have actually been to such hotels as guests and then only click on the booking button. Make sure to avoid scammy or spammy hotels that don’t have many rooms or good facilities. 

4) Go by the ratings but also have your own thinking:

Probably the hotels that you are visiting on the internet to know more about them may or may not have good ratings on social media and search engines. There are also chances that some paid reviews may make the hotel look luxurious and also charge you more based on its reviews. But that shouldn’t make you pay more and get low-quality services. That’s why compare the rates, and check the ratings on the internet. You can also call the hotel to cross-check the information provided by them online so that you are assured that your hard-earned money is not going for a toss.

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