Songs to listen to on Ashadhi Ekadashi spiritual tour

TravelSongs to listen to on Ashadhi Ekadashi spiritual tour


Vitthala Vitthala! As Ashadhi Ekadashi is tomorrow, many devotees would be on their way to visit Pandharpur and get the darshan of Lord Vitthal in the famous Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir. Apart from this temple, there are several temples dedicated to Lord Vitthal all over India that one can visit if they cannot make it to Pandharpur darshan. Ashadhi Ekadashi, which is also known as Maha-Ekadashi or Shayani Ekadashi is an auspicious day for devotees and followers of Lord Vishnu.


Places to visit during Ashadhi Ekadashi


Here are some famous songs on Lord Vitthal that you can listen to you on your spiritual tour:


1) Teertha Vitthala:

tIrtha viTHTHala kshEtra viTHTHala

dEva viTHTHala dEva pUjA viTHTHala

mAtA viTHTHala pitA viTHTHala

bandhu viTHTHala gOtra viTHTHala

guru viTHTHala guru dEvatA viTHTHala

nidhAna viThala nirantara viThala

nAmA mhaNE maja viTHTHala sApaDalA

mhaNUnI (alt: mhaNOnI) kaLikALA pADa nAhI


You can listen to and view the song below:


The meaning of this song is that Vitthala is a holy land, a holy body of water, a God, my mother and my father, my friend, my clan, my teacher, and the teacher of Gods. Namdev who has written this abhang says that “through Vitthala I can live in Kali Yuga without any harm as I have found sanctuary in Vitthala.”


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2) Vitthal Majhe Maher Pandhari:

माझे माहेर पंढरी । आहे भीवरेच्या तीरी ॥१॥

बाप आणि आई । माझी विठ्ठल रखुमाई ॥२॥

पुंडलीक राहे बंधू । त्याची ख्याती काय सांगू ॥३॥

माझी बहीण चंद्रभागा । करितसे पाप भंगा ॥४॥

एका जनार्दनी शरण । करी माहेरची आठवण ॥५॥

You can listen to the song in the below video:

The meaning of the song goes by this that Pandharpur is situated on the banks of the Bheevaraa river, where my mother’s home is. The poet in the song considers Pandharpur, where Lord Vitthala resides, as his mother’s place and that’s why it is very special to him. He considers Vitthala and Rukmini as his parents. Devotee Pundalika is his brother whose fame knows no boundaries. Due to Pundalika, Lord Vishnu came to Pandharpur and got recognition as Lord Vitthala.

3) Govind Narayana:

Govinda Narayana Pandurang Vitthale

Pandari Nivas Hari Purandara Vitthale

Purandara Vitthale.. Panduranga Vitthale

You can listen to the song here:

4) Vitthala Hari Vitthala:

Vittala Hari Vittala (3)

Panduranga (Purandara) Vittaley Hari Narayana

Hari Narayana Bhajo Narayana

Sai Narayana Sathya Narayana

You can listen to the song and also watch the lyrics here:

The meaning of the song is to sing the appreciation of Lord Hari Vitthala, who is also known by other names like Panduranga Vitthala, Purandara Vitthala, Sai Narayana and Sathya Narayana.

With the devotees traveling to Pandharpur for the celebration of Ashadhi Ekadashi, the government of Maharashtra has come up with many moves to make travel easier. All the light and heavy vehicles that will carry pilgrims to Pandharpur will witness toll-free travel. The chief minister Eknath Shinde has made it easier for pilgrims and devotees to travel to and from Pandharpur between 7th to 15th July with a toll-free entry pass that can be availed from the RTO – regional transport office.

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