Google Stadia Soon Shut Down: Know How To Transfer Games

TechnologyGoogle Stadia Soon Shut Down: Know How To Transfer Games


Tech Desk – Last year, Google announced in a blog post that its cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, will be shut down in January 2023. Players will not access their already-purchased games. It will shut down on January 18, so transfer some of your games and continue enjoying them on other platforms. But How? here know the details.

For Unaware, Google Stadia was launched in 2019 but sadly failed to gain popularity.

Link Ubisoft accounts

On Oct 2022, Ubisoft tweeted that they were planning a way through which players can transfer their games to Ubisoft. Here is the tweet.

Also, Ubisoft announced in Dec 2022 that they will provide free PC versions of all the Ubisoft games to players who bought them on Stadia. For this, you have to link your Google Stadia accounts to Ubisoft before January 18. With this, your games will show up on your Ubisoft Connect account.

If you are a Destiny 2 player, turn on cross-save before January 18 to continue playing. And if you exploring the world of Elder Scrolls Online then you don’t have to worry. Just log in to your Elder Scrolls Online account, Bethesda Game Studios’ website, and download the game on your PC.

A one-time “Stadia Progression Carryover” is available for players, enabling them to bring their progress to platforms Like – PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. Just, players have to link their IOI account to their Google Stadia account before January 18.

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