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Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

The Universe Hears in Images

When Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret, the law of attraction became a household name. Such a simple idea, really—you attract whatever you get in life and conversely, you can manifest whatever you want simply by focusing on it in your thoughts.

However, the human mind is built differently. The way humans think seems to be centred on the lack of something. For instance, if you want a good night of sleep, your mind focuses on how you haven’t slept well, are tired and therefore, you need more sleep. The problem with thinking from the perspective of what we lack is that our mind focuses on the negative. This feeling of lack is what we send out into the universe, and based on the law of attraction, that is what we attract—more negativity!

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So, what could be the solution? Is it enough to have gratitude and only focus on the good things happening in your life—is this realistic? Well, gratitude offers a number of benefits. However, while being grateful shifts your focus to what is good in your life, it does not delete the aspects that are not working.

Here’s a trick to make the law of attraction work for you:

From movie scripts to world-renowned books, the message thrown at you is that the Universe wants you to have whatever you want. But in real life, it does not seem to work this way. You could spend your whole day telling the Universe you want to be happy, but acknowledging that you want happiness starts with acknowledging that you are not happy right now—a negative thought. Perhaps, the problem is that the Universe hears you differently—without logic, without judgement. 

Consider this: someone says to you, “Don’t think of blue cars.” What’s the image in your mind? A blue car! That is also the image the Universe sees. The difference is that your mind understands the logic of ‘don’t’ but the Universe does not.

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So, instead of thinking of what you are lacking or visualizing yourself getting it, consider just creating an image where you already have everything you want—happiness, riches, peace, success. Show the Universe what you already have and watch it multiply!

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