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Can Cigarette Smoking Burst Your Stress? Think again!!

 “Cigarette smoking may be injurious to your health.”

Nowadays, Stress has become a part of our lives; you can’t escape it. Because there is no way to avoid stress entirely, but yes, there are other stress relief options that can help you avoid Stress. Warning: The stress relief option does not include Cigarettes.”

However, many of you compare cigarettes to a stress relief option. Is that right? Are you sure it is a stress buster? The answer is no. Reports say that smoking increases anxiety and tension and has harmful effects on your health. 

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Although, it is not your fault because when you smoke cigarettes, it creates an immediate sense of relaxation, and that is why people who smoke believe that it can reduce stress and anxiety. But remember, the relaxation you get from is for a short period, to relax, try other things through which you can get benefits. 

Try this activity, make a list of what triggers you and make another list of what can give you relief. Now, focus on the list where you write the activities that can give you relief and do those activities. Trust me; you feel relaxed and completely free.

The more you use the natural method against Stress, the fewer cigarettes you will smoke. It would be best to choose those things that can give you joy, whether it is dancing, traveling, singing, or cooking. 

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However, we are humans; we are attracted to negative things quickly. But if you are a stress smoker, please keep that in mind that it is not your solution. To cope up with Stress, choose a natural option. Go for a walk, connect with nature and free yourself. 

Also, do not ignore the warning written on the packet of cigarettes. It is your slow death, accept this and try to quit that dangerous drug. And yes, please do not think that cigarettes are a stress buster; it is only a fake thing that provides little comfort in reality. 

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