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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Month of ‘love’ ?

Come February and all shopping malls, cafes, restaurants get that red tint. Tuning to the Valentine’s day theme decorations. Radio channels start playing love dedications and organize several couple contests. Teddy bears carrying heart in their hands find prime place in window displays. Cosmetics, diamonds, perfumes all start portraying themselves as the best gift of love. Everyone and everything around seems to be preparing for 14 February, Valentine’s day- the supposed day of love.

However, accept it or not, what we see today is much of a commercially fabricated ‘love day’, hyped and marketed to shoot sales high. With rising craze and popularity of Valentine’s day, celebration span too has been stretched to yield maximum benefits. It’s not just limited to one single day rather it’s stretched to entire week to allow companies a wider window to sell their products. ‘Love week’, where every day goes by a different name and dedication.

It’s noteworthy that it’s not just the big fishes who reap benefits by popularizing this day, but even the neighborhood beauty salons, boutiques and coffee shops run valentine’s day special packages during this period.

Life is about celebration and no harm lies in celebrating each day for some reason or the other but there is definitely some harm in not realizing that you are subconsciously being placed in this web of celebration. This celebration, which should bring with it nothing but love has gradually turned into a psychological pressure for many. Unknowingly influenced by the marketing propaganda, females get into the silent competition of getting gifts better than their friends and colleagues. Which in turn creates high pressure on men to buy better, expensive and lavish. Isn’t this exactly what the companies want? Isn’t this what they have been feeding you all this month through TV commercials, banners and jingles : more expensive, more exclusive = more love.

With different kinds of pressure piling up- pressure to have a partner to share this day with, pressure to pamper your loved one with gifts and biggest of all, the pressure to flaunt your day better than everyone in your circle, on social media. Do you still think it’s just about love?

This Valentine’s day and every day, do celebrate and cherish love. Make your family and dear one’s know that they are special and you value them but do it without being a prey of marketing. Do it your way.

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