Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: She called her Maa ji and her life changed

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: She called her Maa ji and her life...


Seeya was in class 5th and was waiting for her Kaaku who always came to pick her up in the mid-afternoon from school so that she could drop Seeya at her home. Seeya waited for a long time and saw her here and there but she couldn’t spot her Kaaku. After all, there was a lot of rush of school-children who had just left school and were waiting in the gate area chit-chatting with each other. Seeya became anxious about how will she reach home as her Kaaku who is a woman who has been hired by her parents to pick up and drop Seeya from school and home, is not being seen.

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Seeya asked her friends who were standing there nearby if they could see her Kaaku and even they said they didn’t. Seeya had no mobile or phone as and neither a telephone booth around as I am talking about this incident that happened in the late 90s. Seeya started walking and thought may be she will see her Kaaku on the way and she could reach home soon. Seeya walked and crossed the roads on her own, which she hadn’t done ever in her life i.e. to walk outside alone. 

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Seeya came from a very protective family who ensured that someone is always there with Seeya wherever she goes and whatever she does. Seeya was worried while she was walking and trying to figure out which road will connect her to her home. Finally, Seeya found her route and reached her home. Seeya didn’t share with anyone that she had come all alone from school to her home and was all the way thinking what might have happened to her Kaaku as she didn’t turn up near the school-gate.

Seeya freshened up herself and was going to enter the kitchen when she heard Kaaku’s voice calling Seeya in a very anxious tone. Seeya rushed to meet her Kaaku and asked her why she didn’t come to school. Whereas, Kaaku asked Seeya worriedly why she left the school without meeting her. There was a huge crowd outside the school gate which didn’t allow both Kaaku and Seeya to meet each other.

Kaaku was waiting there before even the school was called for the day and students started coming out. But Kaaku couldn’t meet Seeya at all and she even asked her friends who told her that Seeya was waiting and wasn’t seen later. Kaaku afraid that she would be scolded very badly by Seeya’s parents immediately walked towards Seeya’s home to report the matter. However, when she found Seeya coming towards her, tears started falling from her eyes to see Seeya safe.

When Seeya realized that probably she was impatient and left the school without informing even her friends, she said Sorry to her Kaaku and after wiping her Kaaku’s tears, she told her “Mujhe maaf kar dena Maa ji. Main samajh nahi paayi ki aap bhi waha aaye the.” Hearing the word Maa ji changed the life of Kaaku who had never gotten so much respect and care from any other children she had met in her life. 

Many times we think that the “MAA” word is restricted to only biological mothers. But when you call an aged and unknown woman “Maa ji”, the meaning of your relationship with her changes for the good as the woman feels honored. Maa word has so much importance that a woman even if she has no children of her own gets the affection and love from others. Just read the story of Mother Teresa and you will understand what I am talking about.

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