Sunshine Sundays: Don’t let your smartphones replace your smart family

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays: Don't let your smartphones replace your smart family


It is family time said Sheena to her mother who is in her 70s. Her mom was surprised when Sheena decided to spend her second and fourth weekend of every month at her mom’s place. Apart from working in a bank as a manager, Sheena also owns a restaurant that keeps her busy always. But Sheena decided to take the time out of her busy schedule and live with her mom on two weekends of every month.

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Sheena took her aging mother to a park, to a mall, to a theatre, to a relative and friends’ homes, to a temple, and to a religious function every Saturday and she ensured to stay back at her mom’s home throughout the day with no other contacts disturbing her on her smartphone, tablet, and PC. Her idea was to be present with her mother and spend as much good time with her. She didn’t want to let her professional life and even other relations affect her bonding with her mother. 

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Sheena also mentioned to her mother how being with her helped her relive her childhood memories and also take her better decisions in life. We live in modern times wherein modern technology has almost tried to replace every old, traditional and outdated method of our living standards. But let’s not allow technology like smartphones replaces our smart families. We are a family by birth or by blood relations because of a certain reason. So, when you have a really good family of supportive and understanding people in the form of parents and siblings, let’s not allow technology to replace their presence in our lives.

Technology is good but is also harmful if we get addicted to it and do not know how to balance our life and people with and without technology. So, if you want to talk to your brother about how you think your life has changed after you entered a new job at a startup company, don’t text but instead MEET. Google and Zoom meets are no doubt the upcoming technology trends to make communication faster and keep you ahead of the current times but there are always disadvantages underlying each thing. 

You need to really MEET and connect over coffees or tea at a cafe or a natural place that helps you bond with people in a better manner. People may argue that how are they going to take that time off from their busy schedules but the idea of living is not just to be closed by technology. Use your smartphone to mail to your employer for an OFF if work seems too much. Use your smartphone to get your office work done one hour early each week. Use your smartphone or PC to post on social media that you will be taking a detox from your favorite apps once every week. The idea is to ensure that you have more time in your life to connect with real people and not just profiles on Facebook or Instagram.

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