Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Heartbreaks heal on their own

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Heartbreaks heal on their own


Heartbreak is such a huge thing for any person. Be it a small child or an aged man or a middle-aged smart guy, every person goes through heartbreak in their own manner. For example, if you had promised your child to buy his favorite toy and didn’t live up to his promise, you are going to see a day or days full of crying and sadness. Seeing your child cry like this for such a tiny toy may make you wonder how God made the child so sensitive. However, when you get back the toy asked by your tiny tot, you might see a month full of happiness and gratitude towards you for taking care of his need and want.

What is Possessiveness?

It is because the child healed its heartache as soon as it saw the toy that it craved. You might have even seen how the child forgets about the toy’s demand after a few months or years when you get a similar toy that time. At that time, the child may not be even interested to play with his old toys and may ask you why are you wasting time on such unproductive toys? You might get a huge laugh and also remind him to ask about the kind of tantrums he threw when he was a kid for just this tiny toy that he no longer feels appealing to use and play.

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That’s the reality of heartaches and heartbreaks and I will prove this to you with another example. I had met a 20 years old guy some 10 years ago who was dealing with a bad breakup. The girl didn’t want him in her life as her parents found him not that rich and matching for their daughter. So, she cut the contact with the guy and told him to move on. However, the guy couldn’t take this bitter breakup easily. He went on to share his sob story with each and every one of his friends and relatives and told how he has been cheated by not only that girl but also by life. 

This young lad couldn’t come to terms with life for a couple of years till he became financially independent with a new well-paying job. He moved on to another city and forgot his heartbreak as he got engaged with newer and better responsibilities in life. He got a mail from his ex-girlfriend who said that she now wanted to get back to him because he is her true love. However, this guy had changed his mind now and didn’t want to relive the flashback memories of being betrayed and cheated on in love. He decided to close the chapter by saying that he has literally moved on in life.

This kind of heartbreak was healed by the natural ability to really move ahead in life and not go back to the old memories. I met my uncle who had recently lost his wife due to coronavirus disease. My uncle was deeply disturbed because he thought his wife was too young to pass away. Moreover, living alone leads to a lot of lonely and depressed feelings that made my uncle even get disturbing thoughts every now and then. However, all we could as a relative tell him is to trust the power of God and His decision as it would be always for the higher good.

He too realized the fact that over a period of time, things will change and his heartache will reduce naturally. He indeed admitted that he has better things to do in his life and thus, he would give his best to overcome the crisis and challenging times.

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