Now high speed Wi-Fi available in more than 1200 cities: Gopal Vittal

Press ReleaseNow high speed Wi-Fi available in more than 1200 cities: Gopal Vittal


Meerut : Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our daily lives, shaping how we work, learn and entertain ourselves in our homes. We now need high speed internet at home for smart devices, studying and working. While Airtel Wi-Fi has historically had limited availability, Airtel has worked towards solving this problem and now we have high speed Wi-Fi available at present in 1200+ cities. This means that those of you who were unable to access high-speed internet will now be able to do so.

As a mark of this capability, we have now chosen to offer you even more value here.

  1. Offer the largest selection of TV shows, movies and web series which come included with your Wi-Fi plan. In specific, this content delivered through Airtel Wi-Fi will give you access to 22+ OTTs and 350+ TV channels
  2. In addition, to signal our gratitude to you, every time you choose to add a new Airtel service – Mobile, Content or Wi-Fi we will offer extra value over and above your basic plan

If you would like to get a new Airtel Wi-Fi connection, just click here –

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and implementing any suggestions you may have to make our services even better suited to your needs.

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