Updates regarding Ram temple consecration and other rituals

NewsUpdates regarding Ram temple consecration and other rituals


There are two days left for the consecration, the Ram Lalla Idol’s bathing and the “Dhivas” rituals scheduled for today. The Ram Lalla idol will go through a number of Dhivas this Saturday as part of ceremonies, which include being decorated with sugar and blossoms that are brought from all over the nation. A portion of these flowers are either on their way or have arrived via special aircraft for a ceremony called “Pushpadhivas”. Taking a bath in the idol and cleaning the Garbh Grah (sanctum sanctorum) with treated water gathered from various spiritual sites throughout the country and kept in 81 dedicated “Kalash”(urns) is another important part of the ritual.

Priests in charge of the ceremonies have communicated the “Snapan” or purification procedure. Which uses the 81 Kalash medicated water, will be a complex process that takes about three hours. This specially made medicated water contains a variety of fruit extracts, Gau mutra and additional ingredients. The ceremony also includes water from rivers in both India and Nepal as well as water from sacred cities. Yogi Adityanath, the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, traveled to Ayodhya on Friday to assess the final preparations for the January 22 consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple.

In addition, Adityanath said that a green corridor has been established for devotees traveling from Lucknow, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Prayagraj and other cities, and that security has been heightened for the event. The Chief minister added that all devotees traveling to Ayodhya for the “darshan” would receive assistance from the state government, which had already made arrangements for this.

On Saturday, Yajman of Shri Ram Temple, Anil Mishra, received gifts from Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and Afghanistan from Vishwa Hindu Parishad President Alok Kumar. My Muslim brothers and sisters from Kashmir arrived to visit me, expressing their joy at the Ram temple’s construction and pointing out that despite our differences in religion our ancestors are the same. They gave me two kilograms of pure Kashmiri saffron that was grown organically. A Tamil Nadu based silk producer sent a silk bedsheet with an image of Shri Ram Temple on it. According to the VHP President, water from the Kubha (Kabul) river in Afghanistan has been provided for Shri Ram’s “Abhishek”.

The world’s biggest lock, weighing 400 kg, and 1265 kg of laddu Parsad arrived in Ayodhya on Saturday as devotees countdown to the opening of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22. These are gifts to the temple. The laddus are from Hyderabad, but the lock is from Aligarh. Hyderabad-based Sri Ram catering Services made the laddu Parsad. Speaking with the media as soon as he arrived, Nagabhushnam Reddy, the caterer, discussed the ladoos Parsad and its history. My family and business have been blessed by God. Nagabhushnam Reddy said, “I had promised to prepare 1 Kg of the pudding for each day until I am alive.

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