The PM praises the friendship between India and the UAE

NewsThe PM praises the friendship between India and the UAE


PM Modi hails the India-UAE friendship at the mega collection of immigrants in Abu Dhabi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the long-standing friendship between India and the United Arab Emirates during a sizable assembly of the Indian diaspora at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Speaking to the ebullient assembly at the ‘Ahlan Modi’ function, Prime Minister Modi conveyed his sincere appreciation to those in attendance who came from different regions of the United Arab Emirates and various Indian states. Come as you have, and you have written the history here. At the event that started with the national anthems of two countries, Modi said, “You may have come from different parts of the UAE and from different states of India, but everyone’s hearts are connected.”

Now is the moment to celebrate India and the UAE’s friendship. Every pulse in this iconic stadium resonates with the same message: “Long live the friendship between the United Arab Emirates and India.”

As India and the UAE sign eight pacts, PM Modi says he feels at home in Abu Dhabi.

Chants of “Modi-Modi” reverberated throughout the stadium, signifying the attendees’ common respect and adoration for the Indian Prime Minister. The occasion was clearly intense. I’ve come to see my loved ones. Together with the message of 140 crore people, I have brought the scent of the soil from your birthplace. He told the diaspora, ‘The message is that Bharat is delighted of you.

Approximately 3.5 million Indian nationals reside in the UAE, making up the largest expat population in the Gulf nation.

In addition, Prime Minister Modi paused to consider his first trip to the United Arab Emirates in 2015, remembering the hospitality and friendship shown to him by the Emirati authorities.

Reflecting on his inaugural formal visit to the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister Modi said, “I recall my first visit in 2015, when it had only been a short while since I arrived at the Center.” It was the first visit to the UAE by an Indian prime minister in thirty years. To me, the world of negotiations was unfamiliar.

PM Modi recalled the cordial greeting he received from the Crown Prince, who is currently the President, as well as his five brothers. He recalled the warm welcome and said, “I will never forget that affection, the radiance in their vision.”

The Indian national anthem reverberated throughout the arena prior to PM Modi’s speech.

Prime Minister Modi began his visit to the United Arab Emirates earlier today with the goal of promoting trade and investment while also dedicating the largest Hindu temple in the Middle East. The moment has come to establish this grand (BAPS) temple, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed declared at the event in 2015. I proposed to him, on your behalf, that we construct a temple in Abu Dhabi, and he immediately said yes.

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