The Maratha quota bill is tabled by Eknath Shinde

NewsThe Maratha quota bill is tabled by Eknath Shinde


Outside the state assembly, SP MLA Abu Azmi waves banners calling for reservations for Muslims. The Maratha quota bill was introduced in the state assembly on Tuesday by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. He stated in the House, “We have suggested the reservation to Marathas without affecting the current quota.” In the meantime, the Samajwadi Party today asked for a five percent Muslim reservation in the state government employment and educational organization. Outside the state assembly, SP MLA Abu Azmi waved banners calling for reservations for Muslims. According to SP MLA Rais Shaikh, quota benefits must also be given to the Muslim community.

The previous government announced a notification and granted a five percent reservation to Muslims on the same day that it granted reservations to the Maratha community. However, we are seeing that the Muslim community is being disregarded even as the Maratha community is receiving justice, which is something we applaud. He stated that they are appealing with the higher authorities to review the notice message and, when you are serving fair, do rights to everyone.”

He pleaded with Ajit Pawar, the deputy chief minister, to keep his word. He stated that “I appeal to Deputy CM Mr.Ajit Pawar to inquire into this matter and give accountability to the minorities of this state, as he has indicated that no unfair treatment will be performed to the minorities.”

Muslims had previously been granted reservations by an ordinance issued by the Congress-NCP government.

Interestingly, the Muslim community in the state makes up over 10% of the total population. The economic and educational backwardness of the Muslim community was demonstrated through statistical evidence by the Justice Rajinder Sachar Commission (2006) and the Justice Ranganath Mishra Committee (2004).

The Dr. Mehmoodur Rehman Committee was established by the Congress-led government in 2009, and it later recommended an 8% reservation for Muslims in the workforce and in educational institutions. The bill that grants the Maratha community in Maharashtra a 10 percent quota was introduced by the Eknath Shinde government.

This will raise the reservation ceiling to more than 50%.

Against the backdrop of Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange Patil’s hunger strike, a special assembly session has been called for this purpose. Patil, meanwhile, referred to the bill as a betrayal. The government made this decision with the upcoming elections and votes in mind. This represents a betrayal of the Maratha people. The people of Maratha will not trust you. Only our initial demands will help us. Create a “sage-soyare” law. This reservation cannot be honored. He said that the government would now pretend that the reservation had been granted.

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