“The celebration is where you are”: The PM Pays Soldiers A Visit on Diwali in Himachal Pradesh

News"The celebration is where you are": The PM Pays Soldiers A Visit...


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji is celebrated his Diwali with security personnel in Himachal Pradesh (Lepcha). Generally, Prime Minister Modi joins the army officials at a security setup every year in honor of the Festival of Lights(Diwali). On this holy occasion Prime Minister Modi ji showed photographs from his visit to our Indian soldiers to his X handle. In the pictures, he is seen mingling with security officers while adorned with military uniforms. In a different post, he said, “These protectors of our country, disconnected from their families, illuminate our daily lives with their commitment and bravery.”

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He stated that our armed force’s courage is unwavering. ” Their sacrifice and commitment keep us secure and safe everyday, even though they are based in the most challenging environments, far from their loved ones. He said, “These outstanding people symbolize the epitome of bravery and resilient nature, and for this India is eternally grateful to them.”

The prime minister shared pictures giving candies to security officers. Prime Minister Modi stated he enjoyed every Diwali with border security personnel while talking to a group of military personnel at Lepcha. “You are  my real celebration,” he stated. “Even when I was not a PM or a CM, I met soldiers at a few or the other bordering post every Diwali,” he mentioned.

 The Prime Minister stated that prayers are said for the soldiers staffing our borders at every puja held throughout the nation. He said that everyone should lit  one diya for the Indian army at every home. According to him, military bases, which house troops, are equivalent to temples.

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On Diwali in 2014, the year the Bharatiya Janata Party took authority, the prime minister traveled to the Siachen glacier. He was in Punjab at the frontier in 2015. He was in Himachal Pradesh, near the Chinese border, the following year. In the Kashmiri Gurez area in 2017. The Prime Minister was in Harsil, Uttarakhand, for the 2018 Diwali celebration.He was in Rajouri, close to the Line of Control, in Jammu and Kashmir the following year. The following year, the Prime Minister traveled to Nowshera in Jammu and Kashmir and Longewala in Jaisalmer for the 2020 Diwali celebrations. He attended Diwali at Kargil last year.

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