The 38th convocation of Bharathidasan University was attended by Prime Minister Modi

NewsThe 38th convocation of Bharathidasan University was attended by Prime Minister Modi


At the 38th Bharathidasan University convocation event in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in attendance. Goverbr RN Ravi and Chief Minister MJ Stalin attended the convocation ceremony in addition to MP Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned venerable educational institutions like Takshashila and Nalanda universities, saying,” Knowledge has always been at the core of our nation and civilization.” According to media reports, some of our historic universities (Takshashila and Nalanda) are still highly renowned and esteemed for their magnificence and excellence.

He went on: Our revered ancient texts have also made reference to locations like Kanchipuram, which is home to prestigious universities and centers of learning. “Madurai and Gangaikonda Cholapuram were renowned ancient centers of learning. You are entering the world at a moment when people are looking at you with renewed hope from all of the industries that go into being our growth engines. Youth is vitality. Their speed, skill, and scale make them unique. We have worked hard over the past few years to match your scale and pace so that we could benefit you even more, “PM Modi continued.

Development initiatives and debuts.

The Prime Minister’s trip to the South included a full two days of events packed with important highlights. Notably, Prime Minister Modi dedicated, inaugurated, and set the groundwork for numerous development projects totaling an astounding Rs 19,850 crore. These programs, which cover a wide range of industries including shipping, oil and gas, road, rail, aviation, and higher education, represent a deliberate attempt to promote regional advancement. During this visit, Prime Minister Modi dedicated the recently built Trichy airport terminal building, which cost more than Rs 1100 crore to construct. This state-of-the-art facility has a two-story international terminal that can handle more than 44 lakh people a year, or around 35,00 at rush hour.

At this moment, when you enter the world, everyone is gazing at you with renewed optimism across the board. Youth is vitality. It denotes the capacity to work quickly, skillfully, and extensively. We have made an effort to match your scale and pace over the past few years in order to be of service to you. The number of airports has increased from 74 to about 150 in the last ten years. Tamil Nadu boasts a colorful seashore. He continued, “Therefore, you would be pleased to hear that since 2014, the overall capacity of India’s principal ports for handling cargo has doubled.

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