Surat Airport to be Designated as an International Airport: Centre Approves Plan

NewsSurat Airport to be Designated as an International Airport: Centre Approves Plan


According to a government statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Union Cabinet approved the plan to transform Surat Airport into an international airport on December 15.

The airport, according to Surat’s authorities, would facilitate the export of commodities from the city’s thriving diamond and textile industries and act as a central hub for foreign passengers. Raising Surat Airport to an international level is critical to bolster economic growth, entice foreign investment, and fortify diplomatic ties. As stated in the statement, the airport’s international status will significantly enhance the expansion of the surrounding region due to the increase in passenger and cargo activities.

Revamping Surat Airport

A prospective airport name change might be in honor of Morarji Desai, a former prime minister and inhabitant of Valsad. Desai was an elected lawmaker from the Surat Lok Sabha constituency from 1957 until 1980. This information comes from the Times of India. In a letter to Prime Minister Modi dated 2014, Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya first suggested the idea of rechristening Surat Airport after Morarji. A letter was addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi later in 2020 by Surat-based Legislative Subramanian Swamy urging that the airport be named after Moraji Desai.

A journey with Air India International:

Air India Express will shortly begin operating daily flights from Surat to Dubai, according to another TOI story. The jet was scheduled to take off at the first light of morning, reach its destination by 9 o’clock, and return to the skies by 1 o’clock, according to the news. The head of Surat Airport, Rupesh Kumar, allegedly denied being aware of the issue when questioned by News18.

The most recent flight of the day took place earlier in Surat and Dubai, two important locations for the diamond trade. The flight will take off on December 17th, and Air India Express will be the carrier.With rates beginning at Rs 24,000, the flight is expected to be beneficial for merchants on both sides. 

Launching the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) in Khajodi, outside of Surat city, Prime Minister Modi would invest 3,500 crore rupees. Diamond traders in Surat have pushed for additional flights between their city and Dubai in an effort to boost diamond trade, which has forced Air India Express to respond. Surat, which houses 92% of the world’s raw diamonds, is home to India’s second diamond exchange, which was established as a result of diamond trading.

Not only will Surat Airport facilitate the city’s thriving diamond and textile industries, but it will also serve as a key transit hub for visitors from all over the globe. This audacious plan might bring about tremendous economic development, solidify Surat’s position as a key player in the international aviation sector, and bring about a golden era for the whole region.

Embroidered into the New Terminal Building will be indigenous art that showcases the vibrant kite festival and weaving talents of Gujarat. The terminal will include eco-friendly design elements and a four-star GRIHA energy efficiency certification. Inside the terminal, you’ll see artwork and cultural artifacts from Gujarat.

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