Sudha Murty’s nomination to the Rajya Sabha announced by PM Modi.

NewsSudha Murty’s nomination to the Rajya Sabha announced by PM Modi.


Author and philanthropist Sudha Murty was nominated to the Rajya Sabha by President Draupadi Murmu on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Friday that President Draupadi Murmu had nominated an author to the Rajya Sabha. As he congratulated Sudha Murty, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted how inspirational and enormous her contribution to a variety of fields has been. 

I am excited and happy that @SmtSudhaMurtyJi has been appointed to the Rajya Sabha by the President of India. Sudha Ji has made an enormous and inspirational contribution to a variety of fields, such as social work, philanthropy, and education. Her presence in the Rajya Sabha is a potent example of our nation’s Nari Shakti, demonstrating the power and ability of women in determining the future of our country. On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Prime Minister Modi wished her a successful term in parliament.

Autor, philanthropist, and former chair of the Infosys Foundation, Sudha Murty, is an Indian. She also participated in the Gate Foundation’s public health programs. Harvard University now houses the Sudha Murty Classical Library of India, founded by Murty. India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri, was given to Sudha Murty in 2006. She received the Padma Bhushan, the highest civilian honor, later in 2023.

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Murty is the spouse of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murty, and the two of them have two kids, Rohan and Akshata. Her work of literature that Sudha Murty is well-known for is Dollar Bahu, which she wrote in Kannada before translating into English. In 2001, a channel (Zee TV) adapted the novel into a dramatic series. Additionally, she wrote the story Runa, which was made into a Marathi movie. The first female engineer employed by TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) was Sudha Murty. Her novels in Kannada and English, as well as her social work, are well-known. She was a college instructor as well. The Infosys Foundation was funded by her. Akshata Murty, the wife of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, is the daughter of Sudha Murty. She’s written a newspaper column as well. She praised the nation’s women for their contributions to society prior to the announcement.

 The economy and society both greatly benefit from the contributions made by women. She wrote on X that if they stopped working, it would cause a significant imbalance and have an impact on many areas of daily life.

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