Officer Manisha Padhi, of the Indian Air Force, has been named the country’s first female Aide de Camp

NewsOfficer Manisha Padhi, of the Indian Air Force, has been named the...


Squadron Leader Manisha Padhi is the first female military officer to serve as an Aide-De-Camp (ADC) to a governor, marking a significant achievement in the government’s efforts to promote nari-shakti.

The ADC of Mizoram Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati is Sqn Leader Manisha Padhi, an officer of the Indian Air Force (IAF) from the 2015 batch, according to sources in the Governor’s office. It was the Ministry of Defense (MoD) that provided the list, which included the names of two more male officers.

She has gone a long way in breaking gender preconceptions and succeeding in many fields; her appointment represents a turning point in this history. “Let us rejoice in this outstanding accomplishment and persist in our fight for women’s empowerment in all areas,” remarked Governor Kambhampati.

The constitutional power of a governor’s personal assistant, called an Aide-De-Camp (ADC), remains with them even when they travel for official business. Each governor is paired with an armed forces member and a police officer as their ADCs. The second ADC in Mizoram is Zonun Thara, who is a state police officer.

Air Force Stations Bidar, Pune, and Bhatinda are among Padhi’s previous postings in the administrative arm of the Indian Air Force.

This second-generation officer is from Berhampur in Odisha’s Ganjam area and takes her cues from her father, Manoranjan Padhi, an honorary flying officer who retired from the force in 2020. We are quite pleased with our achievement of becoming the first female officer to serve as ADC. Given that she had successfully navigated the extensive screening process, Manoranjan Padhi informed businessline that it was of even more importance.

On the other hand, why did she decide on it? According to Manoranjan, she was fearless whenever faced with a task. The father proudly shared that his daughter, Manjira, had chosen a profession in the Indian Air Force, while his son had chosen a civilian life and is now employed in the Netherlands.

Following her graduation from Bhubaneswar’s CV Raman College of Engineering and successful completion of the Air Force Common Admission Test, she was commissioned in 2015. Depak Singh Karki is a Major in the Indian Army, now posted in Punjab, according to Manoranjan, who resides in Bhubaneshwar.

Prior to her present duty, Squadron Leader Padhi served at the Air Force installations of Bidar, Pune, and Bhatinda.

In India, the word Aide-de-Camp is a distinguished title, and both current and former aides-de-camp are given the post-nominal letters ADC.

The president is given five aides-de-camp, three from the Army and one each from the Navy and the Air Force, when the usual amount for each service leader is three. Furthermore, there is one honorary aide-de-camp in the Territorial Army.

The mother of Manisha said that her daughter had early aspirations of following in her footsteps and becoming an Air Force officer, much like her father. As a tiny girl, she would dress like her dad and practice applying her cosmetics in front of the mirror.

Her mom said she finally got to fulfill her longtime dream of joining the Indian Air Force. Some people, her dad has found, attempt to discourage daughters from having jobs outside the house. It would be a poor choice to do it. Alternatively, we may just advise her to report to work. He stressed how important it is for ladies to have goals for their careers.

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