Muslim Body Denounces Uniform Civil Code: Anti-Diversity and Inappropriate

NewsMuslim Body Denounces Uniform Civil Code: Anti-Diversity and Inappropriate


The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has said that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) regulation proposed via the Uttarakhand government is “pointless, irrelevant, anti-diverse and unworkable.”

Uniform Civil Code 

Indians from distinct religions can follow legal guidelines unique to their faiths or opt for a secular code. Laws on who and what number of people someone can marry, the way to quit a wedding, and inheritance fluctuate with the aid of faith.

UCC envisions the same set of guidelines for all

The constitution followed in 1950, and the code was located in a section that recommended laws for destiny governments. It encouraged the country to “endeavor to steady for the residents a uniform civil code throughout the territory.”

The bill brought by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami was exceeded by using the National Assembly on Wednesday. This additionally makes Uttarakhand the primary country in the country to enforce the Uniform Civil Code.

It will now be released for President Droupadi Murmu’s approval, and then it will be implemented in the Himalayan hill state. The Uniform Civil Code was one of the top promises in the manifesto of the BJP government in advance of the Uttarakhand Assembly elections in 2022. It seeks to update the old laws that govern marriage, divorce, succession, and live-in relationships.

Muslim Body oppose the current law. 

The opposition had said that it was not against the bill, but stated that its provisions needed to be tested in detail in order that the failings may be removed earlier than its passage.

After the bill was handed in, Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami stated that the Uniform Civil Code isn’t always aimed at anyone, and alternatively, it seeks to empower women and work for their “holistic improvement.”

The regulations lead towards the rights. There had been many doubts regarding this however the -day dialogue in the Assembly clarified the whole thing. This regulation is not towards every person. It is for women who’ve to stand difficulty due to the social norms. This will enhance their self-self belief. This regulation is for the holistic development of women. The bill become exceeded. We will ship it to the President. We will implement it within the nation as a regulation, as quickly because the President signs and symptoms it,” Pushkar Singh Dhami advised reporters after the state Assembly consultation.

What new bills demand

The new bill obligates live-in couples to register their relationships with the district officers, failing which, they might face imprisonment and penalty. Similarly, ending a stay-in relationship includes giving a word to the opposite party and the registrar. This guarantees that the termination is formalized and recognized by the country’s government. The opposition Congess leaders within the state meeting had encouraged the bill to be referred to the select committee of the House, but it was later passed with the aid of the meeting.


Muslim theologians see the code as a danger to Islamic law and religious practices, including polygamy. A distinguished Muslim body lately stated that the code goes towards India’s variety. Some tribal groups have additional adversarial codes.

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