Modi govt blocked 22 YouTube channels, including 4 Pakistani

NewsModi govt blocked 22 YouTube channels, including 4 Pakistani


Modi govt blocked 22 YouTube channels, including 4 Pakistani

New Delhi: The Centre on Tuesday banned about 22 YouTube channels that are spreading false and anti-India information, amongst these four are  Pakistani YouTube channels. Along with this, a few fake websites and many social media accounts too have been banned.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered the blocking of 22 YouTube channels, three Twitter accounts, one Facebook and one news website, using emergency power under IT Rules 2021. As per the reports, the banned channels had a viewership of around 260 million views. These accounts were used to malign the image of India.

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Fake news and anti_India narratives were pushed by these YouTube channels. Their targets were military establishment and issues like Jammu & Kashmir, for which fake posts were being spread from these channels.

Wrong information was being spread against India

Many TV channels logos and templates were used in the blocked YouTube channels. These channels have also used the picture of many TV anchors in the thumbnail of their post, so that the viewers can be misled.

With this decision, the ministry has blocked 78 YouTube channels since December last year i.e. December 2021. Along with this, many social media accounts have also been banned, which were spreading false information about the issues of security and public order of the country. The Ministry said that the Government of India is committed to ensuring an authentic, reliable and secure online news media environment, and thwarts any attempt to undermine India’s sovereignty and integrity, national security, foreign relations and public order.

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Channels banned

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Pakistani Channels

 Ghulam Nabi Madni, HAQEEQAT TV, Duniya Mery Aagy,  HAQEEQAT TV 2.0


Dunya Mere Aagy

Social media accounts

Twitter – Dunya Mery Aagy, Ghulam Nabi Madni,  Haqeeqat TV

Facebook- Dunya Mery Aagy

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