Kejriwal: Education will end poverty

NewsKejriwal: Education will end poverty


Delhi On Friday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared that his government’s objective is to provide high-quality education and declared that he would open more schools in the capital, based on the number of summons he has received from investigative agencies. Following the ceremonial groundbreaking of the government-owned school building in Mayur Vihar Phase III, Kejriwal claimed that the Centre, led by the BJP, had mobilized all of its investigative agencies against him, treating him as if he were the nation’s most dangerous terrorist.

The leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been summoned to a city court on February 17 in relation to a complaint that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has brought against him. Five summonses for Kejriwal to appear in court in connection with a money-laundering case involving the purported excise policy scam have been ignored by the federal agency.

According to the chief minister, if every child receives a high-quality education, poverty will be eliminated in a generation. To that end, his government is establishing schools in Delhi one after another. He asserted that there was no future for the children of the poor and that the state of education and the government schools in the nation’s capital were in dire need of improvement.

Since the formation of the AAP government in Delhi, we have opened a great number of impressive schools. There have been a number of new school openings lately, he said, with 1.5 lakh children receiving an education in Burari, Rohini, and Palam.

 The chief minister stated that everyone in Delhi would receive a free, high-quality education and that new school constructions are being constructed to replace the outdated ones. According to him, the newest schools are going to have the greatest facilities, including activity rooms, labs, libraries, and elevators.

According to Kejriwal, we are realizing Dr. (BR) Ambedkar’s desire to give every child access to education. He claimed that although his government had suggested a plan for ration delivery to people’s doorsteps two years prior, the Center had rejected it. They blocked it by using the LG. However, starting on Saturday, we will deliver rations to people’s doorsteps in Punjab, the AAP leader announced.

He went on, “Once the scheme is started in Punjab, it can be done in Delhi too, and the Center won’t be able to stop it.”

Kejriwal claimed that the Centre has put numerous obstacles in the way of the AAP government’s service by claiming that Delhi is a half-state. Allow it to be a full state, I said. However, he said, they either do nothing or allow me to do it.

Kejriwal expressed disappointment that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called him a “thief” despite the fact that he gave Delhi residents free access to healthcare, education, and electricity, whereas these services are costly and of subpar quality in the states controlled by the state-ruling party.

He questioned who should be held accountable for theft: those who give away free services to others or those who don’t and charge a high price.

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