Interesting details about Varanasi’s Swarved Mahamandir, the largest meditation center

NewsInteresting details about Varanasi's Swarved Mahamandir, the largest meditation center


Verses from the Swarveda adorn the walls of the Mahamandir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the magnificent seven-floor temple, known as the Swarved Mahamandir, on Monday. The temple is located in the Umarah area of Varanasi. Following the opening, he and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the meditation center, which can accommodate 20,000 visitors at a time. Swardev Mahamandir, located in Varanasi’s Umrah neighborhood, is an exquisite example of how contemporary technology and handicrafts can coexist.

In addition, the Lord Shri Ram Janamashtami Temple is being built using stone. This temple contains stones that are imported from all over Rajasthan. The wooden artwork of the Mahamandir is crafted from Gujarati Balsari teak. Prime Minister Modi participated in the centennial celebration of Vihangam Yoga while he was at the temple. It was the second visit; the first was made in December 2021. Vihangam Yog celebrates the 100th birthday of Sadguru Safadal Deoji Maharaj, who was the 19th-century mystic poet, seer, and spiritual guide who established Vihangam Yog Sansthan. The Maha Mandir is where the idol of the revered seer is kept.

Here is all the information you need about this magnificent spiritual structure:

  1. The temple is one of the biggest meditation centers in the world, with its breathtaking 125-petal lotus domes and spacious 20,000 seats.
  2. Approximately 12 km from Varanasi’s city center, in the Umaraha area, the sprawling 3,00,000 square foot Swarved Mahamandir is located.
  3. The Mahamandir was founded by Sant Pravar Vigyan Dev and Sadguru Acharya Swantantra Dev in 2004.
  4. The construction required the combined efforts of fifteen engineers and six hundred laborers.
  5. The temple has an intricate carved teakwood ceiling and doors, in addition to 101 fountains.  Fragments from Swardeva adorn the walls of the seven-story superstructure called Mahamandir.
  6. The Swarved, a spiritual text written by Sadguru Shri Sadafal Deoji Maharaj, the founder of Vihangam Yoga and an eternal yogi, is the name of the temple.
  7. Swarved Mahamandir seeks to envelop the world in a state of tranquil alertness and enlighten humanity with its magnificent spiritual aura, according to the temple’s website.
  8. The Swarveda school of thought is promoted by the temple, with a focus on Brahm Vidya, a body of knowledge that enables spiritual seekers to uphold a state of perfect Zen marked by unwavering constancy.

After spending his two days in the Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi for two days,  Prime minister Narendra Modi will unveil several projects on Monday. In order to strengthen the logistics industry, Modi ji will also inaugurate the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) from New Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction to New Bhaupur Junction. Concurrently, the prime minister dedicated the city’s Swarveda Mahamandir. The Seven-Story Temple, as written earlier at 1:00 PM today, will also take part in the Viksit Sankalp Yatra village edition.

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