India’s UN Council response to Pakistan: A nation drenched in red

NewsIndia’s UN Council response to Pakistan: A nation drenched in red


Anupama Singh India’s first Secretary to the UN Human Right Council, disowned Pakistan’s blames and citing the nation’s own appalling human rights records. Indian having its right to answer to the 55th UN Human Rights Council’s meeting to vehemently denounce Turkey and Pakistan for bringing up the agenda of Jammu and Kashmir. Singh issued a warning to Turkey, claiming that Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India and that future uninvited remarks on the subject should be avoided.

Three ‘reds’ that Anupama Singh said the neighboring country was “soaked in” were highlighted by India in their response to Pakistan.

We cannot give this nation any more attention because it speaks while drenched in red: the red of its national balance sheets, the red of the bloodshed caused by the terrorism it sponsors throughout the world, and the red of its own people’s shame that their government has failed to represent their true interests, she said. In response to Pakistan bringing up Jammu and Kashmir on the UN platform, India made three main points. The first was that the Indian government’s constitutional measures to guarantee socioeconomic development and good management in the union territories are “matters internal to India,” and that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an essential and inalienable part of India. 

Anupama Singh noted that it is not only ironic but also perverse for a nation that has institutionalized the systematic oppression of its own minorities and has a truly appalling human rights record to criticize India, a country that is clearly making great strides toward achieving social justice and economic advancement.  

She brought attention to instances of discrimination against minorities, citing the Jaranwala incident in August 2023, in which ninety-nine Christian homes were set on fire and nineteen churches completely destroyed.

Anupama Singh said in her speech that there is a stark contrast between India, whose democratic credentials and pluralistic ethos are models for the world, and a nation that harbors and even celebrates terrorists with UNSC sanction. A warning was sent to Turkey, which likewise agreed with Pakistan’s remarks regarding Jammu and Kashmir. India’s First Secretary stated, “We regret Turkiye’s comment on the matter, which is an internal affair of India, and believe that it will keep him from ensuring uninvited remarks on our internal affairs in the future.”

India stated in August of last year that normal relations with Pakistan required a climate devoid of hostilities and terrorism. The nation is presently dealing with a number of financial issues, including inflation, a sharp decline in its currency’s value, and dwindling foreign exchange reserves.

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