How Losing Her Father to Cancer change Future of IAS Officer Rishita Gupta

NewsHow Losing Her Father to Cancer change Future of IAS Officer Rishita...


IAS Rishita Gupta usually dreamt of becoming a doctor. It was the dream from her childhood. However, future had written something else for her.

Her father passed away when she was in 12th. The tragic incident took a heavy toll on her and she or he could not concentrate on her research. Her father’s death affected her so much that she could not get good ranks for a medical seat. The young girl had taken Science after her Class 10 with the dream of becoming a doctor. However, her father who was suffered by cancer passed away during her Class 12. 

Early existence of Rishita Gupta 

Hailing from Delhi, Rishita Gupta’s youth dreams had been filled with the ambition to become a medical doctor, a vision she ardently pursued with the unwavering help of her own family. Rishita Gupta’s family had continually supported her dreams and tried to provide the right ecosystem for her to prosper and end up an amazing student. 

Rishita completed her high school in technology course. Her resolute determination led her to pursue a technological knowledge curriculum, propelling her further alongside the course to her scientific aspirations. However, fate took an sudden flip in the course of her Class 12 years when her father, battling most cancers, passed away. The loss, even though heart-wrenching, instilled in Rishita a experience of obligation toward her family.

Father death change Rishita’s thoughts

However, she needed to take a grip of herself and stay strong for herself and different own family members. So, she opted for English Honours in her commencement and passed with flying colorings. Since then there has been no searching back for Rishita.

She had made up her thoughts that she would grow to be an IAS officer. She organized diligently and studied for hours and put in each effort to crack the Civil Services Exam. Her hard paintings sooner or later paid off and she cracked the most prestigious UPSC CSE with AIR-18 in her first try in 2018.

Rishita Gupta Journey 

Rishita’s journey from the small streets of New Delhi to the pinnacle of achievement stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit and unyielding perseverance. She attributes her achievements to the nurturing surroundings fostered via her parents, whose unwavering guide served because the cornerstone of her endeavors.

In her pursuit of excellence, Rishita followed a methodical method, meticulously crafting notes, subjecting herself to mock tests, and gaining knowledge of from the missteps of fellow aspirants. She adhered to a mantra of well over amount, delving deep into a pick few sources, gaining knowledge of them through relentless repetition and revision.


The journey of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer Rishita Gupta serves as an awesome testimony to the unwavering willpower and resilience required to conquer the challenging Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. Hailing from Delhi, Rishita first of all aspired to become a health doctor, a dream she pursued together with her family’s unwavering aid. However, the future had different plans. During her Class 12 years, her father’s battle with most cancers ended tragically. This devastating loss instilled in Rishita a profound feeling of obligation in the direction of her family.

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