Highlights of the Delhi Budget 2024

NewsHighlights of the Delhi Budget 2024


 Atishi, the finance minister of the Delhi government, gave the state assembly a presentation of the budget on Monday, involving an expenditure of Rs 76,000 crore for the fiscal year 2024–25. She announced a number of initiatives for the welfare of Delhi’s citizens during her budget speech. After joining the cabinet in March of last year, this was Atishi’s first budget display in her capacity as Finance Minister.

 Following the previous deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, in the excise policy case, Kailash Gahlot presented the budget. The Delhi assembly’s budget session started on February 15 and has been extended through March 8.

Rs 16,396 crore has been set aside for the schooling sector.

Rs 8,685 crore is allocated to the health sector.

Rs 500 crore for Delhi Metro and Rs 510 crore for e-buses. 

Under Mukhya Mantri, the Delhi government will provide Rs 1000 per month to all women who are at least eighteen years old. Rs. 902 crore to be used for the construction of unauthorized colonies in the nation’s capital. According to Atishi, the finance minister of Delhi, by 2025 there will be over 10,000 public transportation buses in Delhi, with 80% of them being e-buses. The Kejriwal government has allocated Rs 15 crore to implement the business Blaster scheme in its universities and ITIs. 

The Delhi government’s Budget 2024–25, which was presented to the assembly on Monday, included Rs 40 crore for the students’ Startup Business Blasters program. Additionally, Rs 15 crore was budgeted for the Blaster Senior program, which is soon to be introduced in government-funded universities in Delhi. 

During the budget presentation in the Delhi Assembly, Finance Minister Atishi disclosed a Rs 16,396 crore allotment for education. The Delhi government’s 2024–25 budget, which was presented to the assembly on Monday, includes Rs 664 crore for nutrition-related initiatives. Finance Minister Atishi declared that Ram Rajya is a place where no one goes to Hungary to sleep. As she introduced the budget, Atishi stated, “Our goal is to ensure that no one in Delhi goes to Hungary in order to bring the vision of Ram Rajya to life.”. According to her, this entails giving 1,80,000 children ages three to six daily hot meals that are nutrient-rich, supplementing the diets of 3,40,000 children up to the age of three, giving the diets of 3,40,000 children up to the age of three, and giving dietary supplements to 1,20,000 pregnant ladies and nursing mothers.

The government of Delhi arranges free pilgrimages for the elderly under the Mukhyamantri Teerth Yatra Yojana to fifteen locations across religious faiths, including 15 Teerata Sthals in India. The Delhi government unveiled a Rs80 crore budgetary proposal on Monday to fund the continuation of the Mukhyamantri Teerth Yatra Yojana for 2024–25.


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