Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth wrote on a note recovered from a suitcase

NewsBengaluru CEO Suchana Seth wrote on a note recovered from a suitcase


The six-line note was discovered within the suitcase containing Chinmaya’s corpse, who was four years old and purportedly killed by her mother, Suchana Seth. The police investigating the sensational murder case of the four-year-old boy made a significant breakthrough when they discovered a note on a crumpled piece of tissue paper that was purportedly written by the victim’s mother, Suchana Seth. The officials claimed that the note hinted at a potential motive for killing her son. The six-line note was discovered within the suitcase containing Chinmaya’s corpse, which was four years old, according to the Times of India.

The founder-CEO of a Bengaluru-based startup and a data scientist are suspected of killing her son because of a tense marriage to Venkat Raman. The discovered note said, The court and my husband are pressuring me to give custody of my son. It was written hurriedly and allegedly with eyeliner. I can’t stand it. My former spouse is aggressive. He used to instruct his son in a poor manner. It said, “I am deeply guilty and frustrated.” Despite my love for him, I was against meeting his father. According to reports, Suchana Seth acknowledges writing the note, but she still insists that she did not kill her son.

Seth gave the police some information after she was brought to the Goan service apartment where the incident is suspected to have occurred in order to reconstruct the crime scene, in what the investigators referred to as volunteer disclosure of certain incidental details. She demonstrated to us in which her son was sleeping in the room, where the luggage she filled the boy with was retained, and how she placed the body in, TOI stated, citing police authorization. On January 8, while traveling by road from North Goa to Bengaluru with her son’s body stuffed in a bag, the startup CEO was taken into custody. The police got in touch with the taxi driver, Suchana’s, who was in Karnataka. The postmortem indicates that the child was covered by either a pillow or towel. However insistent she was with her interpretation of the illicit activity, the 39-year-old has apparently not yet provided any acceptable answer as to the reason she hid its body in the luggage.

Speaking to the media, Ray John, the taxi driver who assisted the police in apprehending Seth, said she remained composed and said nothing at all during the more than ten-hour journey. John said that Seth’s taxi was arranged by the staff of the service apartments. Seth asked me to carry her bag from the reception to the taxi when I arrived at the service department. The cabbie commented that it was heavy. To lighten the bag, I asked her if we could take some items out of it. However, she declined. I informed the madam that it would require six hours to clear the roadways, which was overstating the time. I suggested that we turn around and go to the airport. The driver emphasized that he had noticed something was wrong, but she demanded going by road. Subsequently, the driver was notified by Goa Place via phone that his passenger was exhibiting suspicious behavior.

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