Ashok Chavan: It’s impossible to alter one’s views overnight

NewsAshok Chavan: It’s impossible to alter one’s views overnight


The 65-year-old expressed his dissatisfaction with the Congress in an interview, claiming that the party was not ready for the elections. Ashok Chavan, a former chief minister of Maharashtra, a former Nanded MP, and, until 72 hours ago, a lifelong member of the Congress Party, submitted the BJP’s nomination for the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. A few hours later, Chavan was comfortably settled into his own office at Churchgate, surrounded by the usual flurry of activity and guests that characterize the offices of all rising politicians. Regarding his ideological change, he asserted that seeing what could be done for the nation was more important than ideology.

He remarked that it took me some time to make my decision. I have been observing how matters have been managed. The next Lok Sabha election is quickly approaching, but no plans have been made. I decided to go with the net option rather than wasting my time and energy. I also have the opportunity to work at the federal level. Conversely, the opposition is collapsing.

Leaders in Congress claim that you resigned under some pressure.

It’s a lie. Rather than disparaging me, they ought to reflect on how the party came to be this way. There isn’t a case in court against me in relation to the Adarsh case. It was, as I have said, a political accident. I experienced a lot. Politicians created issues. All of this took place during the time that the Congress controlled both the federal and state governments. I think it’s wrong to criticize specific people. Naturally, some members of the state Congress would be pleased that they have less competition now. People are speculating that in the next few days, a number of Congress MLAs will leave the party and join you.

I have not requested the presence of any MLAs. I do not intend to divide the group here.
The truth is that there is growing dissatisfaction among the party’s MLAs. Most of them are anxious about what might occur and fear that they won’t be able to join to win the upcoming assembly elections. Ramesh Chennithala, the All-India Congress Committee’s Maharashtra representative, chastised you for facing a difficult battle. Any feedback? It’s Chennithala, that I know. He is aware of the party’s circumstances. There is no indication that the BJP will be resisted, and time is running out. So why even exert yourself when you already know it will be in vain? I was a member of the Congress system. One must have faith in one’s peers. I will not, however, discuss national leadership.

Here, I am referring to Maharashtra. Congress needs to adapt because it isn’t handling the issue. He remarked Yes, the party opened doors for me, but over the previous 38 years, I also put a lot of effort into earning those opportunities. In 2009, I guided the party to victory in the assembly elections. We outnumbered the NCP in seats during my tenure. Most of the MLAs in my district, who are all local people, used to be members of Congress.

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