The last Chandra Grahan until 2025 and dos n don’ts during world’s total lunar

NationalThe last Chandra Grahan until 2025 and dos n don'ts during world's...


With the end of this year, Earth, moon, and sun have aligned to produce a total lunar eclipse today, we are here to share some do’s and don’ts to follow during the sutak kaal time of Chandra Grahan 2022.

As per space scientists, total lunar eclipses happen once every year and a half. This time night-time sky lovers from East Asia to North America are headed for a beautiful evening as they will be able to see the rare spectacle of a “Beaver blood moon” Chandra Grahan. The eclipse will be visible to the naked eye of people across the world where the skies are clear.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, hiding sunrays from lighting up the moon.

Today the Chandra Grahan sutak kaal will begin at 09:21 am in India and end at 06:18 pm . It is considered to be a very auspicious period preceding the eclipse is known as Sutak.

The auspicious Sutak time will begin at 2:48 pm onwards for kids, old and sick people and will end at 6:18pm

Below is a guideline of some do’s and don’ts to follow during the sutak kaal time of Chandra Grahan 2022:

• We suggest you to stay indoors and undertake any new things or starting any new work during this period
• Drinking water, brushing teeth, combing hair, oil massage, visiting the loo or using the restroom, and involving in sexual activities are a strict no-no during the lunar eclipse
• Pregnant women should not venture out during the lunar eclipse nor cut or stitch any cloth or carry sharp objects like scissors, blade, knife which can have a negative affect later
• All type of food items either solid or liquid are best avoided during sutak kaal and eclipse.
• It is adviced totake a holy bath before and after eclipse

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