Maharashtra Building Explosion: NDRF Recovers Seven Bodies in Raigad, Search for Others Underway

NationalMaharashtra Building Explosion: NDRF Recovers Seven Bodies in Raigad, Search for Others...


What happens in Raigad district? An explosion occurred on Friday morning in the Mahad MIDC area of the Raigad district. It affects the premises of Blue Jet Healthcare Limited company, situated in that area. The National Disaster Response Force recovered the four bodies. Then, three more bodies are retrieved by the team, taking the death toll from four to seven. The building explosion that occurred near about 10:30 am on Friday came in the form of a devastating blaze that destroyed the pharmaceutical company, according to officials. 

According to the primary information collected by sources, the explosion occurs because gas leaks due to a series of blasts because of chemicals stored on the site.

When the explosion occurs

The explosion occurred at 10:30 am on Friday in Blue Jet Healthcare Limited company. This building was located in the Mahad MIDC area in Raigad district. The explosion was caused by chemicals and gas leakage stored in this place. During the search operation, the first 4 people were recovered in the early morning, around 7:00 am, and then three more people were rescued. Even though the death toll is reduced, there are still 4 more people in the building who need to be recovered. So, the search operation is still underway. 

Cause of building explosion

As we tell you, the building explosion occurred in the Mahad MIDC Area in Raigad. It happened because of gas leakage from chemicals stored on site. This is one of the reasons why a building explosion occurs. But the exact cause of the blast is yet to be determined. It is also determined that the fire explosion was caused in the company because of a short circuit. The officials said that a blaze erupts the blast in the factory. Then, fire led to the barrels, causing chemicals to explode. 

The pharmaceutical company where the explosion occurred has not released an official statement yet regarding this mishap. According to officials, 11 people are feared still to be trapped inside the building, and this raises fear of potential fatalities. To recover these people from the explosion, the local police, fire brigade, and NDRF team called. 

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What actions take place by local police

When the news of this explosion incident went viral, the fire brigade and local police responded to the emergency quickly. Fire tenders are working to battle the devastating blaze that occurred there. The fire brigade teams, police, and NDRF work together to find missing workers and evaluate the extent of damage to buildings or people. The more details on this matter are still under investigation. 

According to reports, seven people were killed after the explosion at a pharmaceutical company in the Raigad district. Some people are left injured, and search operations continue to trace missing workers. 


 As you know, the explosion occurred at Blue Jet Healthcare Limited company in the Raigad district. After the explosion, the local police, NDRF, and fire brigade came and started working together to rescue the people. With their efforts, the 7 bodies were recovered from the building.

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