Flight frequency increased between Delhi and Amritsar:3 take-offs scheduled every day

NationalFlight frequency increased between Delhi and Amritsar:3 take-offs scheduled every day


Punjab: Vistara Airlines has given a New Year gift for passengers flying between New Delhi and Amritsar. The scheduled flights between the two cities have improved for passengers. From January 10, this flight will take off between the two cities three times a day instead of two.

According to the information given on the website by Vistara Airlines, earlier flights used to fly twice a day between Amritsar-Delhi. According to the information received flights were scheduled from Amritsar at 9.55 am and 3.25 pm and from Delhi at 8 am and 1.40 pm. Following this now the Vistara flight will take off from Amritsar at 7.45 pm and from Delhi at 6 pm.

The commencement of this flight will directly affect the pocket of the passengers. Now passengers can easily book flights between Delhi-Amritsar for Rs.3500 by booking tickets on time. While tickets for most of the flights used to be available for around Rs 5,000.

With the increase in flight frequency between the two cities, there will be an impact on the pocket of passengers as well as on tourism.

Tourists will now be accommodated with several options in Delhi. Not only this, the Sikhs living in central India will be able to easily return after visiting the Golden Temple.

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