Why we should believe that the pandemic will end

LifestyleWhy we should believe that the pandemic will end


Why we should believe that the pandemic will end

You know it is said that when we believe in something 100% from our heart and mind, that thing really happens! If we keep thinking negatively and feeling bad about how disastrous the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in, we will add more misery and suffering to our lives. But if we think good that this pandemic will end in the coming future and we all will soon see a beautiful and happy world that will have new innovations and awesomeness in living, then it will really happen that way! All you need to do is BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH! History has shown that pandemics don’t last forever and always have an end.

If you are a God believer, then keep praying daily for at least one hour and tell God that everyone should be fine in the world and give everyone the courage and patience to pass through these testing times. If you are a spiritual person, then think that there is a Supreme Being or the Universe that will take care of all the destructions that it is doing currently so that we can see a more balanced and pleasant world in the future. If every day thousands of people are losing their lives, then think that thousands of babies are also being born all over the country every day. So, whosoever is dying, is taking a new birth in this world to create a bigger difference through their new life.

This is not the time to lose hope and live in pain. Pain is what has happened or is happening to you but if you don’t treat your pain well with the help of meditation and good thoughts then the pain would become endless suffering to your lifetime. Each and every human being goes through some of the other struggles in their lives but remember this: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. So you need to slowly overcome your situation by reading, watching good things, and talking positive things that can uplift the self’s soul and even of others. Be grateful for whatever you have and just keep moving ahead.

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