Thalaiva Special: Rajinikanth jokes are back to make you laugh in coronavirus crisis

LifestyleThalaiva Special: Rajinikanth jokes are back to make you laugh in coronavirus...


Thalaiva Special: Rajinikanth jokes are back to make you laugh in coronavirus crisis

Time and again, it is said that laughter is the best medicine. The more you keep complaining and grumbling, the more you will invite lot of personal and health troubles in your life. So for a change, we thought of bringing our Thalaiva superstar Rajinikanth back in to your lives in the form of his hilarious jokes. So smile, and if you like our collection of Rajini jokes, then forward this story to your friends and loved ones and help them also laugh in this tough times.

1) Rajinikanth wears sunglasses to protect the Sun from his powerful gaze.

2) Light just wishes it can one day beat Rajinikanth.

3) Actually Rajinikanth doesn’t walk, he stays at one place and move the earth with his feet.

4) Rajinikanth can smell the sound.

5) Rajinikanth can judge a book by its Cover.

6) Cigarettes smoked by Rajinikanth die from lung cancer.

7) Rajinikanth can boil a egg in ice water.

8) Rajinikanth does not need a watch, he decides what time it is.

9) When Rajinikanth is playing cricket, the rain has to cancel its raining due to the match.

10) Rajinikanth can make onions cry!

11) Rajinikanth can watch the Radio!

12) Rajinikanth built the hospital he was born in.

13) Harvard got it’s MBA from Rajinikanth.

14) Once Rajinikanth bite an apple and threw it away, now its is known as Apple computer’s logo.

15) Dark spots on the Moon are the result of Rajinikanth’s shooting practice.

16) Once Rajinikanth kicked a man, later he is remembered for being the first Man to Land on Moon.

17) Once Rajinikanth signed a cheque and the Bank bounced!

18) Rajinikanth can play a Violin with a piano.

19) Once death has “Near Rajinikanth experience”.

20) Guinness World Records requested Rajini to not compete, else their book becomes a single line “All Records Won by Rajinikanth”.

21) When Rajinikanth logs into twitter, twitter informs Rajnikant What’s happening!

22) Rajinikanth can remember the Future!

23) There are nothing like seasons, Its just Rajinikanth who changes the temperature when he gets bored!

24) When Google wants to search something, they search Rajinikanth.

25) Rajinikanth can type a sentence on a calculator.

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